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Interior preview page from DC RWBY #7
Well, if you thought you've seen everything in the world of comics, get ready for a whole new level of weird with DC's upcoming DC RWBY #7, scheduled to hit stores on August 22nd Normally, your friendly neighbourhood Batman is just your regular kind of crazy – brooding, driven to clean up the streets of[...]
Interior preview page from DC RWBY #5
In the upcoming DC RWBY #5, hitting stores on Tuesday, June 27th, the Man of Steel finds himself possessed by a Grimm Sounds like someone's having a really "Super" bad day, right? Team RWBY – Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang – are tasked with stopping their ally turned foe Guess it's just another day at[...]
Interior preview page from DC RWBY #4
This Tuesday, May 23rd, we'll be treated to the next installment of this trainwreck known as DC RWBY #4 In the comic, the Grimm incursion has reached Metropolis, and Team RWBY is facing off against none other than Lex Luthor It's quite an interesting strategy, pitting a fairy tale team against the world of DC[...]
Interior preview page from DC RWBY #3
Oh joy, another world-blending crossover comic! Brace yourselves as DC RWBY #3 hits comic stores on Tuesday, April 25th What fresh chaos do we have? Oh right, Team RWBY leaving behind Arkham Asylum and Gotham City after a Grimm invasion, only to find shelter with Wonder Woman on Themyscira With the world turning upside down[...]
Interior preview page from DC RWBY #1
Welcome to another comic book preview from Bleeding Cool! This week we have a look at DC RWBY #1, in stores Tuesday from DC Comics In this preview, Commissioner Gordon shares his thoughts on cosplay Joining me on this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron I must warn LOLtron not to try to[...]
RWBY: Ice Queendom: Improves on Original, First 3 Episodes on YouTube
RWBY: Ice Queendom was a long time coming, an anime adaptation of the Rooster Teeth CGI animated series RWBY (pronounced "Ruby", an acronym for its four heroines Ruby, Weiss, Black, and Yang) created by the late Monty Oum Crunchyroll has released the first three episodes on YouTube The original story has been turned into a[...]
RWBY: Ice Queendom: Rooster Teeth Series Becomes Japanese Anime
RWBY, the US CGI that became the world's most popular anime-inspired series has now inspired a Japanese anime BANDAI NAMCO Arts, Good Smile Company, and Rooster Teeth announced today RWBY: Ice Queendom, a Japanese anime-inspired by Rooster Teeth's global hit animated series RWBY: Ice Queendom will premiere on Japanese television, with subtitled and dubbed versions[...]
And it's just as well that we've reached the end too, because I've got no more jokes to make, especially because I don't even know what an RWBY is, much less how to make fun of it So just check out the preview of RWBY Justice League #7, and have a good weekend. RWBY JUSTICE LEAGUE[...]
Viz Media Releases July 2021 Solicitations
But visions of the past may have  the power to save the future when Chakuro becomes witness  to Shaun and O uni's private recollections.  On Sale Date       July 20, 2021  Age Rating          Teen+ Price USA            $12.99 "RWBY Official Anthology" cover art, Viz Media RWBY: Official Manga Anthology, Vol[...]
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Definitive Edition Is Coming To Switch This May
The folks at Aspyr have released a new trailer this morning for RWBY: Grimm Eclipse – Definitive Edition before it comes out The team is giving players the complete package on this one as they are bringing all of the content that was ever released under one title, and will be releasing it on the[...]
Viz Media Releases Advance List of June 2021 Titles
Life has become a brutal struggle for existence, and death the only release. June 15, 2021 Teen+ $19.99 Cover courtesy of Viz Media -FINAL VOLUME- RWBY: The Official Manga, Vol.3 Based on the Rooster Teeth series created by Monty Oum Story and Art by Bunta Kinami Roman Torchwick's plans have been laid bare, and now it's up to Team RWBY to[...]
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Definitive Edition Is Coming To Switch This May
Aspyr and Rooster Teeth will be releasing RWBY: Grimm Eclipse – Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch this May The four-player, online co-op, hack n' slash game came out back in 2016 as one of RT's few self-developed and published titles It did pretty well for itself but, like a lot of games from the[...]
Remnant Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman in RWBY/Justice League
RWBY returns to DC Comics line but – like Scooby-Doo – it is doing it courtesy of DC Comics IP In DC's April 2021 solicitations, it is also a Justice League crossover with RWBY by Marguerite Bennett and Aneke And like Scooby-Doo, it will feature versions of the DC Comics characters suitable to that crossover[...]
A look at RWBY Volume 8 (Image: Rooster Teeth)
On the second night of virtual online convention RTX at Home, media and entertainment company Rooster Teeth offered RWBY fans exactly what they've been waiting for: a look at Volume 8 via a new teaser and key art ahead of its November 7th premiere Produced by Rooster Teeth, RWBY is set in a world filled[...]
Red vs Blue Zero (Image: Rooster Teeth)
So what do fans have to look forward to? How about RWBY Volume 8, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Red vs Blue: Zero, and Recorded by Arizal? Red vs Blue Zero (Image: Rooster Teeth) Red vs Blue: Zero will premiere this fall and star Achievement Hunter member Nova in the lead role of Agent One Red vs[...]
RWBY: The Official Manga From US Anime Series Coming From Viz Media
Viz Media is publishing RWBY: The Official Manga, an official manga adaptation of Rooster Teeth's popular American CGI anime , this time created by creators in Japan RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") began streaming in 2013 It has since garnered a massive global fanbase whose cosplayers can be seen in every major convention across the US Rooster[...]
Viz Media’s Christmas Gift Selections for 2019
From the obscure to the iconic, this book features packaging artwork, animation models, video game designs, comic pages, and, for the first time ever, production artwork from all six Paramount live-action films! Lovingly curated by Transformers expert Jim Sorenson, this is the most comprehensive collection of Transformers imagery ever assembled. THE WORLD OF RWBY By[...]
NYCC Presents: Rooster Teeth's RWBY Vol. 7
At NYCC we had the chance to sit through the panel of RWBY On stage we had the cast and creators of the Rooster Teeth web series, RWBY, Kerry Shawcross (writer/director) and the voice actors Miles Luna (Jaune), Linsay Jones (Ruby Rose), Kara Emberle (Weiss), Arryn Zech (Blake), and Barbara Dunkelman (Yang) We got a[...]
Neo Politan from "RWBY" Is Coming To "BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle"
Arc System Works revealed the latest character coming to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, as the RWBY character Neo Politan is on the way The fifth RWBY character to be added to the game, she will arrive, parasol and all, when the Version 2.0 update is added The characters themselves will be released in waves, as[...]
Crunchyroll Games Launches "RWBY: Crystal Match"
Crunchyroll Games officially launched their latest endeavor with Rooster Teeth as RWBY: Crystal Match comes to iOS and Android today This is a free-to-play jeweled puzzle mobile game with a match-three style, based around all three seasons of the show RWBY Chibi With eight different characters and about 1,000 levels to play through, you're going[...]
Viz Media Announces Their October Manga Titles
A must-have for Homestuck fans who want to re-experience the saga or for new readers looking for a gateway to enter this rich universe. For older teen audiences. ISBN 13           978-1-4215-9943-4 On Sale Date   2019-10-22 Price USA        $24.99 Price CAN        $33.99 Dimension       8 1/2" x 8 1/2" Format            HC/480 pages/color The World of RWBY By        Daniel Wallace The definitive companion to the hit animated series,[...]
Funko SDCC Exclusives 2019 Round 1: Marvel and TV!
Pufnstuf (Funko Shop) Pop! Television: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters – Sigmund (Funko Shop) Pop! Television: Stranger Things – Demogorgon (Gold) (Barnes & Noble) Pop! Television: Ultraman (Toy Tokyo) Pop! Television: The Dark Crystal- Mira POP! Marvel Avengers: Endgame Wong- Walgreens Funko POP Marvel- Gamora- Hot Topic Funko POP Marvel- Man-Thing- Entertainment Earth Funko POP MArvel- Captain Marvel Minn-Erva- GameStop #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item[...]
Knights Chronicle X RWBY collaboration
Back during RTX 2019, Netmarble and Rooster Teeth revealed that Knights Chronicle would be doing a crossover event with the cast of RWBY This week, that crossover has officially started as the main four cast members of the show are officially in the game for a limited time We have the details for you here[...]
DC and Rooster Teeth Sitting in a Tree, M-A-K-I-N-G RWBY and gen:LOCK Comics
At RTX over the weekend, DC Comics and Rooster Teeth anounced a partnership to produce comic books based on RWBY and Gen:LOCK Launching digitally in August and September, each series will be released on alternating weeks, with the comics to be collected in print as monthly issues later The first issue of both series will[...]
Crunchyroll Games Will Be Releases RWBY: Crystal Quest on Mobile
Some big news from Rooster Teeth and Crunchyroll Games today as RWBY is getting a mobile game called RWBY: Crystal Quest for iOS and Android This game will be a jeweled puzzle mobile game, made in partnership with EGLS Technology, and will be a free-to-play title based on all three seasons of RWBY Chibi So,[...]
LEGO SDCC Exclusive Captain Marvel Set Revealed
That one is a must-own. Funko SDCC Animation Exclusives Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z Red Chrome Vegeta (Hot Topic) Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z Ghost Gotenks (BoxLunch) Pop! Animation: Neon Genesis Evangelion – Asuka (Hot Topic) Pop! Animation: RWBY Ruby Rose (Hot Topic) Pop! Animation: Peanuts—Astronaut Snoopy ( Barnes & Noble) Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty (FYE & GameStop) So, nobody knows what these two[...]
Funko Round-Up: Batman, Aladdin, RWBY, and DuckTales!
Welcome to the Funko Round-Up! In this edition, we take a look at the new waves of Pop for RWBY, Aladdin, two new Batman Pops celebrating his 80th anniversary, and a Scrooge McDuck exclusive! Let's dive right in like we are jumping into a vault Scrooge-style! Coming to Entertainment Earth this May as an exclusive is[...]
80Arcade and Rooster Teeth Launch the RWBY Deckbuilding Game
Today, Rooster Teeth and 80Arcade have released a brand new game centered around of their biggest creations with the RWBY Deckbuilding Game Unlike other games of the same genre, this one has no packs or boosters to chase, so each time the game gets an expansion, you get the complete set immediately and it is yours[...]
RWBY is Getting Its Own YA Book Series from Scholastic
At RTX 2018, Rooster Teeth announced they would be partnering with Scholastic to release a Young Adult book series based on RWBY The series is called After The Fall and will be written by some experienced and award-winning author E.C Myers (Fair Coin, The Silence of Six), along with consulting writing from RWBY head writers[...]
Rooster Teeth Announces RWBY Returning for Volume 6 in October
Today at RTX 2018 in Austin, Rooster Teeth formally announced that RWBY would be returning for Volume 6 with brand new episodes The western-style anime will be returning to their website as well as YouTube on October 27th, but the company didn't show off any videos or a ton of information on the storyline Here's[...]