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Wyrd Games Reveals New Gremlin Model For Malifaux Third Edition
Wyrd Games, the game company responsible for bringing games such as Malifaux and The Other Side to players and consumers, has done well to cultivate a greater "Fauxverse" within their three biggest games (the above two, as well as their role-playing game Through The Breach) Today, Wyrd revealed a new model for Malifaux and it truly works as a[...]
Wyrd Games Releases Stats Of Kimon's Possessed For The Other Side
Wyrd Games, the tabletop gaming company credited with designing, developing, and producing such games as Malifaux, Through The Breach, and The Other Side, has revealed new information regarding a unit in The Other Side's newest upcoming faction, the Kimon This unit, called the Possessed, is a squad of three humans overtaken by possession by way of Oni[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals New Kimon Faction Commander For The Other Side
Wyrd Games, the powerhouse tabletop wargaming and board gaming company responsible for bringing us Malifaux, Through The Breach, and The Other Side, has given their player base another advance peek at a model from the Kimon faction of The Other Side, their large-scale wargame set in the universe of Malifaux Let's take a look! The artwork for Takiyasha, the Kimon[...]
Tabletop Gaming And Music: 3 Songs For An All-New Year Of Wargames
When playing tabletop wargames such as Age of Sigmar, The Other Side, or Malifaux, it is a sure bet that the atmosphere is bound to get a little weird without some sort of background noise, more so with no music. As such, we have compiled a list of some pretty awesome and thematic songs within which to play[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals A Kumon Titan Miniature For The Other Side
Wyrd Games, the powerhouse tabletop gaming company responsible for the creation and cultivation of such games as Malifaux, Vagrantsong, and Puppet Wars, has given the public a peek at the Titan miniature from an all-new faction that's coming to their wargame The Other Side sometime in the near future How exciting! The art for the Tatarigami, a Titan from The Other[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals Nightmare Edition For Malifaux, The Other Side
Every year around the time of GenCon, one of the most (if not the most) prolific tabletop gaming conventions in the United States, Wyrd Games, the Marietta, Georgia-based tabletop game design company responsible for Malifaux and The Other Side, comes out with a "Nightmare Edition" boxed set, wherein has a bunch of collectible, limited-edition alternate sculpts for[...]
Wyrd Games Releases New Information On Upcoming Game Vagrantsong
Wyrd Games, the Marieta, Georgia-based tabletop game company credited with creating the wargames Malifaux and The Other Side, as well as the role-playing game Through The Breach, has announced the opening of preorders for their upcoming board game, Vagrantsong Furthermore, they have released a new trailer teasing the spooky aesthetics of the game and likewise announced[...]
Wyrd Games Provides New Details About The Other Side Starter Box
Wyrd Games, the tabletop gaming company best known for their objective-based skirmish wargame Malifaux, has released new details regarding the starter box for their other wargame, The Other Side With it, they have provided the stat card information for their Gatling Gunner and Guild Mage units as they pertain to Malifaux's third edition. The starter box for both[...]
Wyrd Games Releases The Other Side Company Builder App For Android
Their tech team has finally developed an application for your phone that can help you create a Company in their wargame, The Other Side! Promotional art for The Other Side, a wargame designed and developed by Wyrd Games This game has just gotten a builder app for Android. The Company Builder application for The Other Side has[...]
Review: The Other Side's ECB Black Ops By Wyrd Miniatures
The global COVID-19 pandemic really kicked our collective gaming keesters, right? So, for the eventual, general grand re-opening of LGS sites in the United States, we've been working on shoring up armies, warbands, crew, and companies for use with various different wargames, such as Age of Sigmar, Malifaux, and The Other Side To that end, we have[...]
Wyrd Games Reveals New Characters, Game Details For Vagrantsong
Between a new starter set for The Other Side, the overall release schedule for the whole of the Explorer's Society faction in Malifaux Third Edition, and now the introduction to Vagrantsong, their upcoming board game, Wyrd has had their hands full Thankfully, however, the game design company has been diligent in keeping up with their task of[...]
Review: Wyrd Miniatures' Raving Madman For The Other Side
Hey there, players and hobbyists of miniature wargames, or those merely interested in the scene! If you're looking for a relatively new wargame to dabble in, The Other Side by Wyrd Miniatures seems like a pretty good one to get into right now With pandemic concerns subsiding in the United States and various places elsewhere,[...]
Wyrd Miniatures Teases Kirai's Alternate Title For Malifaux
Hey there Wyrdos, or anyone else interested or invested in the goings-on at Wyrd Miniatures, the tabletop game company based in Marietta, Georgia responsible for Malifaux! Wyrd has revealed the other half of the starter box for The Other Side, Wyrd's full-scope wargame, and it comes with a Master in Malifaux with an alternate title! The full art for[...]
Malifaux By Wyrd Miniatures Introduces Master "Titles" To The Game
Wyrd Miniatures, the game company responsible for creating the skirmisher Malifaux and the wargame The Other Side soon after, has been making strides in the wargaming community in an effort to keep their games fresh From learned lessons like Avatars in the First Edition of the game to the increasingly complex proliferation of Upgrades for models[...]
Wyrd Miniatures Offers Serious Goodies At "Easter Extravaganza"
Wyrd Games, creator of such games as Malifaux, The Other Side, and the role-playing game Through the Breach, have been known for their absolutely cornucopian sales around the times of Black Friday and Easter Last we checked, it isn't near Black Friday at this time, but as we inch ever closer to the Easter holiday season, Wyrd[...]
Wyrd Update: 'The Other Side' Mini Rulebook, a Big Ghost, and a Big Ax
There's new releases coming out for The Other Side, the game of mass battles set in the Malifaux universe! The Other Side Rules Manual Yes, there already is a rule book for The Other Side, but it's not exactly what I would call portable It's a very big, very lovely book, but whipping that sucker out every[...]
Wyrd Summons 'The Other Side' Releases for March
Wyrd Games is continuing its focus on new releases for The Other Side, their large-scale miniature combat game set in the Malifaux universe. March sees four new releases coming to The Other Side, including some very nasty looking shark dudes! THE FRENZY //Credit: Wyrd Games On the tabletop, the Frenzy benefits immensely from being a Squad[...]
Wyrd Releases for February: More Monsters, More Firepower
Wyrd Games is packing their latest game, The Other Side, all the way to the gills with brand new releases in February! Here's a look at all the creatures and units coming our way! Courtesy Wyrd Games Horomatangi is a powerful creature, brimming with ancient magic The creature escaped Malifaux several hundred years back, but found it's[...]
Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best New Tabletop Miniature Game
This time, we're focusing on the new tabletop miniature games, in all their shiny modernity. The nominees for Best New Tabletop Miniature Game are: Warhammer 40,000 Killteam The Other Side A Song of Ice and Fire Kings of War: Vanguard And the winner is… A Song of Ice and Fire. credit// CMON Games A Song of Ice and Fire is a new tabletop miniature[...]