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Wizkids Reveals Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Collection
WizKids revealed their special set of figures from the film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which you can buy as a collection Being added to their D&D Icons of the Realms series, they have selected a set of characters you'll see in the film, and packaged them as a complete set to purchase for[...]
WizKids Announces Brand New Tabletop Game Atlantic Robot League
Wizkids has revealed a brand new tabletop game this week as robotic combat is in your hands with the introduction of Atlantic Robot League This game will have you placing bets as spectators as you watch two robots go at it inside an arena the size of several city blocks lumped together You can utilize[...]
WizKids Reveals Official Critical Role Figures For Campaign Three
WizKids has partnered up with Critical Role again to bring the characters to life as we're getting Campaign Three's main cast The collection features the primary cast (for the most part) of the Bells Hells, which is the adventuring party played by the main cast this time around As you can see from the images[...]
Auto Draft
WizKids has revealed that they will be releasing their collection of Dungeons & Dragons' Spelljammer figures this October The team put several items up on their website today, including a massive Collector's Edition box for nearly $800, the massive Astral Dreadnought for over $260, the Booster Bricks which will run you about $170 for a[...]
WizKids Announces New Tabletop Game Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught
During the D&D Direct livestream today, WizKids revealed they have a new tabletop game one the way called Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught The game looks to be taking the two things that make both the company and the franchise great and mixing them into one massive game that will keep your adventuring skills sharp and[...]
WizKids Announces New Board Game Free Radicals
WizKids revealed a brand new tabletop board game on the way to their library of titles next month as they announced Free Radicals Set in a rebellious future, each player takes control of one of the ten fully asymmetrical factions that rule within Sphere City Each one with various mechanics, goals, themes, and challenges to[...]
WizKids Announces New Line Of Critical Role Unpainted Miniatures
WizKids and Critical Role revealed this week that they're releasing a new line of Unpainted Miniatures straight out of the Exandria designs Going under the name of Gilmore's Glorious Goods as the branch of the production company that appears to be focused on miniatures, they have come together to recreate several characters and monsters from[...]
Critical Role & WizKids Reveal New Exandria Figures
WizKids and Critical Role have revealed a new line of figures on the way as they bring more characters from the world of Exandria A new line of high-quality miniatures focused on characters and monsters from the series will be coming sometime in Q1 of 2021 According to the info, many of the iconic monsters[...]
WizKids Reveals New Icewind Dale Figures During D&D Live 2020
During D&D Live 2020, WizKids revealed their line of miniatures and figures for the new adventure, Icewind Dale: Rime Of The Frostmaiden The big additions to the mix are the Sapphire Dragon and White Dragon premium figures that are just massive and will put fear into the hearts of any player looking at them on[...]
"Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol" Coming Soon
WizKids is coming out with a new game based on the Blade Runner franchise! Source: WizKids Called Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol, the game is a game of evidence, deduction, and investigation Three-to-six players take the role of blade runners, sent to hunt down a rogue Replicant who is in hiding The wrench in the works is that[...]
WizKids Set to Drop Village People Miniatures in June
They act as an immersive element for the setting that the game master has created, and having the right miniatures for that setting can go a long way towards pulling the players into the game. So, what do you do when you need the population of a small village, right now? WizKids is coming to the rescue[...]
Wizkids Announces New Pre-Painted Terrain System
Wizkids, one of the biggest movers and shakers in the table top gaming market has just announced something that could be another huge game changer from the company I'll have more on that after this here press release: …… WizKids Announces New Line of RPG Miniatures for Player Environments Storytelling is Getting an Upgrade with All-New WarLock™ Dungeon[...]
WizKids Announces Release of 'Europa Base Alpha' Game
I don't have much more than the press release on this, but WizKids just sent out some details on their upcoming board game, Europa Base Alpha: //Credit: WizKids There is no Cold War that is more chilling or isolated than on the untouched surface of Jupiter's moon, Europa The nations have broken apart and are now in[...]
Renegade Game Studios and WizKids to Partner on Wardlings Story
Some cool news from Renegade Game Studios and WizKids this week as the two companies will partner to create a Wardlings story campaign If you're not familiar with Wardlings, these are pre-painted figures designed by industry veteran Elisa Teague that come with animals designed to work with D&D's 5th Edition, but could also be used[...]
Review: Wizkids' D&D Icons of the Realms Ravnica Figures
A few weeks ago we received a large box of figures from WizKids related to D&D, chief among them was a case of Icons of the Realm figures for Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica If you're not familiar with these, it's essentially a blind box of figures related to a specific book or series, as you[...]
Hasbro and Wizkids Announce Enhanced Licensing Deal
File this under '80's Kids Are Going to Lose Their Minds: WizKids, the industry leader in high quality pre-painted & unpainted miniatures and established board games, announced a new licensing partnership with Hasbro today with the addition of beloved properties G.I Joe, My Little Pony and Transformers to WizKids' extensive line of miniatures. Fans can expect to see their favorite characters first[...]
PAX Unplugged: Curation and Podcasts' Effects on the Tabletop Industry
This year's panel included Renegade Game Studios' Scott Gaeta, CEO of Wizkids Justin Ziran, Alliance Game Distributors' Vice President Mike Web, Millennium Games' Owner Travis Severence, and Mandi Hutchinson of The Dice Tower. According to the PAX site, this year's talk focused on the following themes: Was 2018 the best year ever for tabletop games? What types of games stood[...]
WizKids Unpainted Sets Review June 2018-15
When we talked about WizKids sending us a bunch of different sets to play with and paint up, we could not imagine the amount we would receive The company was super gracious to send us several sets, which we'll show you below as we go over how all of them look and play out. The sets[...]
Pre-Painted Companion Fun as We Review WizKids' Wardlings
When WizKids recently sent us a series of figures to review, we were pretty stoked to find the complete set of Wardlings in the mix If you haven't seen these figures, they're worth paying attention to for a couple of reasons beyond being pre-painted As we review them, we're going to take a look at[...]
This Board Needs Decoration: We Review Wizkids' Pools & Pillars Set
So for those who have a budget, there are options to make your game pop, and Wizkids is pretty awesome and making some things come to life Today we're going to review one of their Deep Cuts Miniatures sets as we explore their Pillars & Pools set that they sent us. The whole contents of this[...]
More Ways To Die Horribly with Wizkids D&D Icons of The Realms Figures
The cool people over at Wizkids have been producing various figures for multiple role-playing games over the years and we've really come to respect the designs they're able to crank out for games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder Recently, the company sent us a big 'ol box of fun with several different figures and series[...]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Enter HeroClix Fray
By Christopher Helton At the opening of the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio today WizKids (makers of the popular HeroClix games) announced a partnership with Nickelodeon to produce games based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Games will include HeroClix and DiceMaster games based on the TMNT properties. According to the information released, the games will cover "all iterations of the comics from classic[...]
The 2014 Origins Award Winners For Tabletop Gaming – With A Few Surprises
Andrew Jr., Michael Wich Best Role Playing Supplement Night's Watch – Green Ronin Publishing, designed by: Joseph Carriker, Lee Hammock, Brett Rebischke-Smith, Ian Ireland, Michelle Lyons, John Hay Fan Favorite: DC Adventures Universe – Green Ronin Publishing, designed by: Darren Bulmer, Seth Johnson, Steve Kenson, Jon Leitheusser, John Polojac, Aaron Sullivan Best Board Game Trains– Alderac Entertainment Group, designed by:[...]