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Zombieland: Headshot Fever Is Headed To PSVR2
XR Games announced this morning that they will be bringing Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded over to the PSVR2 this year The game will bring you all of the action of the VR title over to the new platform, along with some new additions and upgrades for players to experience This includes a brand new cel-shaded[...]
Zombieland: AFK Survival Gets A Men In Black Crossover
Tilting Point has a brand new crossover event happening in Zombieland: AFK Survival as they're getting a visit from the Men In Black The two teams join forces as you'll be working with eight heroes from the MiB franchise, including Agent J and Agent K, as well as Zombieland characters Tallahassee and Columbus suiting up[...]
Magic: The Gathering: Five Places We Saw Magic In The Media Wilds
Given that Peter Parker is quite a nerdy character, however, it fits right at home in his bedroom. #2. Zombieland: Double Tap Taps For Mana More representation, albeit showing Magic: The Gathering as a game for nerds, is given in Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) It is clear that Magic is one of the most popular games to survive even a[...]
Funko Funkoween Continues With the Cult Classic The Craft!
That is right, Zombieland is back and this time with new Funko Pops! One member of the team is not here but in exchange we are getting Bill Murray This wave is a nice surprise for fans and it brings up most of the main characters from the first film Up first is the one[...]
Jean-Claude Van Damme Kevin Bacon
In the latest version of "Zombieland Cameo That Never Was Theatre", Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese shared their script pitches online to actors who turned down offers to cameo for their 2009 hit for those suffering the Coronavirus Blues The duo wrote for a number of actors in the off-chance any of them accepted The[...]
As Hollywood suspended productions globally, some like Zombieland writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese decided to make the best of the situation The two decided to post completed scripts proposed to numerous actors like the late Patrick Swayze, Kevin Bacon, Dwayne Johnson, Mark Hamill, Sylvester Stallone, and Joe Pesci All turned them down before Bill[...]
Patrick Swayze
One of the most surprising hits of 2009 was Zombieland Among the highlights of the film was Bill Murray's cameo Writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese had another name in mind originally, the late Patrick Swayze Unfortunately, the actor fell ill before they offered the part Before Wernick and Reese settled on Murray, they considered[...]
"Zombieland" Director Shows Interest in a Madison Spinoff
Zombieland 2: Double Tap has only been in theatres for a week, but that doesn't mean it's too early to discuss the future of the franchise and what that could entail. The sequel to the well received 2009 film had been said to be in development hell for years, and despite the cast's eagerness at returning,[...]
The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192
Zombieland: Double Tap almost had a different post-credit ending if things went as planned The theatrical post-credit scene bore little to do with the overall plot of the film It makes up for an event during the first film There are SPOILERS from here on out. . . . The original post-credit scene had Bill Murray, returning as his[...]
"Zombieland: Double Tap": Emma Stone Pitched "The Walking Dead" Crossover
The world of Zombieland provides a unique sandbox for the cast and crew where they're not constricted to focus on the bleak Speaking with Uproxx, director Ruben Fleischer said Emma Stone had a crossover idea to feature some of the cast of AMC's The Walking Dead for Zombieland: Double Tap. Sony Pictures "Emma had a funny idea[...]
Auto Draft
Sony Pictures Television Games, Tilting Point, and Metagame Studios have officially released Zombieland: Double Tapper on mobile devices today The game lets players slay zombies across the land in dozens of missions New England to California You get an array of weapons to build and utilize as you take out a variety of zombies from[...]
Zombieland: Double Tap Red Band Trailer Reveals Cameo
Sony released the red band trailer for its zom-com Zombieland: Double Tap  Save for a cameo reveal, there isn't much added The trailer starts with Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) dropping a grenade into a vehicle and blowing it up Shocked, Wichita (Emma Stone) screams, "What the f***?!" at what just happened. The trailer then reveals to be[...]
It's hard to believe Zombieland: Double Tap is a mere month away from release considering its predecessor was 10 years ago While stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone look the same for the most part, it's Abigail Breslin, who's physically changed the most becoming an adult since the 2009 film. // Sony Pictures Sony Pictures[...]
"Zombieland: Double Tap" Director Talks Epic Cameos, Zombie Evolution
Zombieland: Double Tap director Ruben Fleischer is well aware of the mounting expectations for the sequel to the breakout hit 10 years ago promising to deliver a little something extra Speaking with Syfy Wire, Fleischer mentioned new challenges the survivors will have to face. Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com "There is an evolution of the zombies[...]
Auto Draft
Sony Pictures Television Games along with Tilting Point and Metagame Studios have announced Zombieland: Double Tapper for iOS and Android Not a lot of info was released about the game other than it will loosely follow the plot of the sequel This particular game will be an idle RPG with a large roster of heroes[...]
For Ruben Fleischer, many things had to fall in place for 2009's Zombieland to make an effective sequel In a recent interview with EW, Fleischer explained the projects and distractions that kept the further post-apocalyptic adventures of Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone), and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) from happening until a[...]
'Zombieland: Double Tap' Adds 'Silicon Valley' Star Thomas Middleditch
Thomas Middleditch will take his talents from Silicon Valley to participate in the undead bashfest of Zombieland: Double Tap. Thomas Middleditchphoto by Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com Middleditch joins a loaded cast with the original stars of the first film in Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin Others new to the cast include Zoey Deutch,[...]
Zombieland logo update
Two exciting pieces of news for Zombieland fans Firstly, the sequel finally has an official title–Zombieland: Double Tap Second–Rosario Dawson's joined the cast. Rosario DawsonPhoto courtesy of Audible The Clerks 2 star joins an already loaded cast including original stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin Also new to the cast are Zoey Deutch[...]
Wayne: YouTube Premium's Bloody Great New Comedy Gets Official Trailer
So Bleeding Cool attended this year's Tribeca TV Festival, and had the opportunity to review YouTube Premium's new original comedy series Wayne, a tale of a bloody road trip, young love, and reckless youth from the writers of Deadpool and Zombieland set to launch on the streaming service on January 16, 2019[...]
Just How Did Bill Murray End Up In Zombieland…
In this sneak peek for the next episode of AMC's Geeking Out, Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg talk with Deadpool co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick as they explain how they convinced Bill Murray to be in Zombieland. https://youtu.be/ta4gkua91uQVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Geeking Out: 'Bill Murray' Official Sneak Peek Episode 104 (https://youtu.be/ta4gkua91uQ) [...]
Zombieland Sequel Starts To Shamble Forward
Sony Pictures has kicked the sequel to Zombieland into gear According to Deadline, the studio has hired Dave Callaham (Godzilla) to write the script with Ruben Fleischer who will return to direct It's said that Callaham's darkly comedic script for Jackpot is what caught Sony's attention as a potential for the sequel. No word on how[...]
TV Version Of Zombieland In The Works, Will Mean Death For The Film Sequel
Original writers of the surprisingly successful undead comedy Zombieland – Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (who are also writing the new Micronauts movie)- are in talks with Sony Pictures Television and Fox Broadcasting to develop a follow-up to the movie as a 30-minute zomcom for 2012-2013. Producer Gavin Polone has also confirmed this, saying to NYMag[...]