Baron Corbin Ratings Dominance Led Raw to 1st Place Victory Monday

Once again proving that Baron Corbin equals ratings, Monday Night Raw was in first place in the Monday night cable rankings thanks to Corbin appearing on Raw to face Drew McIntyre as part of the cross-brand invitational. It was a very Baron Corbin heavy night with the King appearing in multiple backstage segments before his match. As a result, WWE came away with another Monday night victory, hopefully solidifying Corbin as one of if not the top star in the company.

Baron Corbin leads WWE and Monday Night Raw to another ratings victory.
Our king, Baron Corbin, leads WWE to another ratings victory.

Baron Corbin Equals Ratings

The first hour of Raw scored a .53 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.818 million viewers, according to Showbuzz Daily. The second hour also scored a .53 with 1.810 million viewers. The third hour scored a .48 with 1.644 million viewers. Raw's three hours took the first, second, and fifth spots for the night, with 90 Day Fiance taking the third and fourth spots. On average, Raw had 1.757 million viewers for the night, which is not their worst-ever viewership. Way to go, guys!

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

Unfortunately, WWE revealed last night that superstars might only appear on another brand four times a year as part of the rules of the cross-brand invitational, which means that WWE can't continue to use Baron Corbin to spike ratings. King Corbin appearances will have to be saved up and used sparingly. However, there are probably some things WWE can do to help keep ratings afloat even when King Corbin is not on the show. For instance, whenever Baron Corbin is not on screen, the other wrestlers can ask, "Where's Corbin?" Whatever WWE decides to do, it's a sure thing that Baron Corbin will be a part of the company's long-term plans.

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