The Great North Season 2 E03 Review: A Fantastic First Halloween

The Great North had their own first Halloween-themed episode of their series on FOX, making a great first impression and setting a unique standard for the Animation Domination lineup. While Beef Tobin sleeps during the dark Alaskan day, his children each have their own set of spooky and shellfish adventures. When Wolf accidentally spilled something on Beef's shrimp eating contest shirt I almost lost my mind from the absurdity of the shirt itself, but Wolf and Honeybee's adventures to win another one were even better. I felt incredibly happy, bringing a sense of Goosebumps quality of storytelling and Halloween vibes was what The Great North accomplished with this episode.

The Great North Season 2 E03 Review: A Fantastic First Halloween
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The amount of character involvement was a lot, but each minor character was treated and developed so spectacularly. From a kid's willingness to go crazy protective with a broken beaker, pure and adorable confessions of how one kid felt about his stepfather, and even Ham's moments with Crispin made me incredibly happy and made me pay attention (which is a difficult thing in itself). The episode brought in-jokes without compromising character identity, showing spooky scenes without forcing it, and all-in-all made a classic episode I'd put on my annual Halloween list.

I laughed incredibly hard when the deliriousness of the shrimp eating contest got to Wolf and Honeybee, whose waitress acknowledged the "seeing people as shrimp" stage in the competition. One time I got food poisoning from some bad shrimp…so I can relate to the distancing of oneself from a food group. The hallucinations and eventual retrieval of the contest shirt made up one of my favorite Wolf and Honeybee storylines so far outside of their wedding. Also, the quiet moment when Wolf placed the shirt on his dad's bed as he sleeps, dreaming of hilarious yet mundane activities he loves, made an impact on me. It's quiet moments like that one and the moment when Judy and Ham are saying goodnight to Moon (which also reminds me…how f**king cool is that bedroom?!?) that make me grow more and more respect for The Great North. The episode was overall a truly fun experience, bringing back the spooky joy of Halloween reminiscent of classic episodes in shows like Boy Meets World, without compromising the respect of their audience.

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The Great North Season 2 E03 Review: A Fantastic First Halloween
Review by Brittney Bender

This Halloween-themed spooky episode of FOX's The Great North Season 2 was full of jokes that hit and original surprises that made it a new animated classic for me.


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