WWE Creative's Best Idea for Adam Cole and More Juicy Wrestling News

How could Adam Cole leave WWE when creative had such awesome plans for him? What does Beth Phoenix think of the new NXT? Is Brian Cage in the AEW doghouse for his wife's Twitter criticism of the company's booking? How content is Jeff Hardy with being a jobber? All of that and more wrestling news and hot goss on the way, comrades!

Wrestling News and Hot Goss
Adam Cole finds out what WWE wants him to on the main roster.

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, and for years I spent my time rounding up my political enemies and having them executed, but now instead I round up wrestling rumors from around the web and bring them to you here in The People's Dirt Sheet Rumor Roundup. And my friends, I can honestly say that I enjoy the latter more, even if I do occasionally miss the sounds of tortured dissidents crying out for mercy. Then again, I can always just read literally anything written by Chad McMahon for a similar effect, comrades. Haw haw haw haw! That guy is the worst!

The Latest Wrestling News and Hot Goss in The Peoples Dirt Sheet Rumor Roundup with His Exellency, El Presidente
The People's Dirt Sheet Rumor Roundup with His Excellency, El Presidente, featuring the latest wrestling news and hot goss swirling around the bowl of the internet wrestling blogosphere.

According to Comrade Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio this week, one of the ideas WWE creative had for Adam Cole was to pair him with Keith Lee, where Cole would take on a role similar to that of Lio Rush, as an obnoxious little guy talking trash and then hiding behind the larger Lee. Despite the utter stupidity of this idea, Cole was still complimentary of WWE and of Vince McMahon after leaving the company, making one wonder how AEW could possibly ever hope to get such a polite and delightful man over as a heel.

Speaking of Lio Rush, despite his claims to have retired from wrestling, Rush is apparently in talks with Tony Khan about an AEW return, as reported by noted Dirt Sheet gossipmonger Tony Khan himself! Comrade Khan tweeted:

The internet may have been outraged earlier this week when Jeff Hardy was seen chasing the 24/7 Championship on WWE Raw, but Comrade Hardy himself could barely muster up the effort to care about it when discussing it on a podcast, as transcribed by Fightful. "Monday night in Miami, that's just what I felt like doing, so I had to do," he said. "I was in the chase for the 24/7 Title and it just didn't work out, man. It's one of those things. I show up to work and do what they need me to do and move on. That's in the past and this Monday is the future so I'm super excited." Yes, comrades, I too frequently display my enthusiasm for my work by saying "I show up, do what they need me to do, and move on." Haw haw haw haw!

Beth Phoenix was a guest on WWE's The Bump Podcast, and she addressed fears that next week's NXT rebrand will ruin the formerly Black and Gold Brand. In comments transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Comrade Phoenix said, "Oh, I'm so excited! I mean, new beginnings. The thing is, I feel like everybody is a little bit tentative about change. Like, what's going to happen? Is this not going to be the NXT we know and love?" But that's not the case at all. We're leveling up as a brand. We're going to see new faces, new talent, new excitement, new opportunities. Opportunities can beget new, incredible experiences and new matches, new lineups. I feel like our audience is going to be very pleased with the direction that NXT is headed."

While making those comments, Phoenix blinked out a message in morse code begging Tony Khan to rescue her with a fat AEW contract. Most people wouldn't notice that sort of thing, but your El Presidente has a lot of experience with brainwashing prisoners, and he can tell when the job hasn't been completed thoroughly enough! If Comrade Phoenix was a prisoner of mine, I would definitely toss her back in the dungeon for another six months or so, but working for WWE, she has probably suffered enough.

Brian Cage professes his respect to Sting on AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick's Day Slam.
Brian Cage professes his respect to Sting on AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick's Day Slam.

Former Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling star Melissa Santos may have landed her husband, Brian Cage, in the AEW doghouse this week when she retweeted a post claiming Cage is being misused in AEW. Comrade Santos tweeted:

Santos refused to back down despite AEW marks going after her on Twitter, and Cage also stepped in to support his wife.

As retaliation for his wife speaking out, sources tell me that Comrade Cage will be stuck in a go-nowhere feud with Team Taz for a year or more… oh, wait…

And in a final nugget of wrestling news, Andrew Yang may not have used his connections with Joe Biden as promised to bring down WWE over its human resources issues, but that doesn't mean Comrade Yang has abandoned the wrestling industry entirely. The former Presidential and New York Mayoral candidate tweeted in agreement with Mick Foley's comments earlier this week about how bad WWE's creative has gotten:

Perhaps Comrade Yang could invite Foley to be his running mate when he starts his own new political party.

That's all the wrestling news and hot goss for this morning, comrades, though the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is out today, so maybe your El Presidente will be back later. Until then, my friends, remember: socialism or death!

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