WWE Took Back All of The Big Show's Slammy Awards

WWE star The Big Show may be one angry giant, but that didn't dissuade WWE from taking away his Slammy Awards. The Big Show has won the Slammy on several occasions throughout his career, and you would think that winning an award as prestigious as the Slammy would be something you would want to show off to the company. However, The Big Show has no Slammy Awards on display at his home because WWE took them all.

The Big Show (Image: WWE)
The Big Show sadly doesn't have any of his hard-won Slammy Awards.

Big Show has won the Slammy for Tag Team of the Year with Chris Jericho in 2009. He won one in 2011 for collapsing the ring with Mark Henry during a Superplex at WWE Vengeance. In 2012, Big Show won a Slammy for knocking out John Cena at Over the Limit and again in 2013 for knocking out Triple H. He was part of Team Cena when they won Match of the Year in 2014 for Survivor Series, his final Slammy Award. But unfortunately, he didn't get to keep any of them.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Big Show revealed that wrestlers who win the Slammy have to immediately give them back because WWE only has so many Slammy Awards, and they need to keep reusing them. Yes, seriously.

"Truth be told, you have to give your Slammy back once you exit the stage because they only have a certain number of Slammies made," Big Show said. "But they're more than happy to order you one to put on your mantle. I'm good. I won enough. I just find it funny that there's a person waiting when you get off stage to take your Slammy from you and walk onto the other side of the stage to present it for the next award."

Wow, the Big Show just majorly exposed the business with that comment! Then again, he is a big Hollywood star now with his own Netflix show.

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