Another New Kong Figure Is Here From NECA, And It Is Still Great

Kong and NECA are having a huge moment with each other, as the big ape has seen no less than four releases in less than a year. Each has been unique as far as pack ins are concerned, and since he is one of the beasts we always hoped for from NECA, we are not complaining about getting them. We have taken a look at two of them so far, and NECA sent us over one of the two new Kong figures hitting stores right now, and dino fans will want to check it out below to see why they might need the upgrade.

Kong Figures Are Always Welcome But Let Us Breathe NECA

This Kong, of course, comes in the standard NECA Ultimate box packaging, and part of me does wish I had kept these all MOC. The boxes are just so cool; I love how each logo is different, the color variations are awesome, and he just looks cool in the big window box. For once, I am a tad jealous of MOC collectors.

Like the others, he has multiple articulation points. These are the same as the previous two releases. We were happy with those, and this one is a bit easier to swap the parts on. No, the difference here is the accessories. Kong comes with a giant stick and two dinosaurs to fight. The pterodactyl and little weird-looking lizard thing dino are pretty neat; they did a great job on the sculpting on each. My pterodactyl does not stand at all, no matter what I did with it. The other guy can move a smidge, but since these are just fun pack ins for dioramas and figure photography, they serve their purpose. It is fun to have them fighting; I just really wish that pterodactyl stood on his little feet. Maybe it is just mine.

Another New Kong Figure Is Here From NECA, And It Is Still Great

This and another Kong that comes with a plane are hitting Target stores right now.

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