Predator 2 Shaman Predator, A NECA Toy Fair BC Exclusive Reveal

Predator figures from NECA have some of the most fervent fans in collecting, and that there are over 100 figures in the line now speaks to that enthusiasm. In some ways, NECA themselves are responsible for keeping Predator as relevant as the property has been the last decade or so. And the figures aren't stopping anytime soon either. BC is happy to exclusively reveal one of NECA's Toy Fair reveals, the Shaman Predator from Predator 2. That's right y'all, The Lost Tribe of Predators is still going. And for my money, this is one of the coolest and most unique figures in the line to date. Check out the reveal below.

Predator Reveals Always Feel Special

The Shaman Predator will include a distinct staff, soft-goods cloak, bone necklace, ritual dagger, an open throwing disc, human skull, hatcheted skull, masked and unmasked heads, and interchangeable hands as well. Look at the details on that staff; that looks like it was lifted right off the screen and handed to the figure. The "hippie" Predator also looks pretty sweet with his soft goods cloth cloak as well and adds to the mystery of the character. We don't really know anything about this guy, and not much has been revealed over the years since that second film.

This new stab at this figure is a significant upgrade, and I, for one, cannot wait to add it to my Predator shelf. I can't stop staring at the mask; man, is that creepy. Anyway, look for full release details on this guy to be revealed at a later date, and when they are, we will be sure to bring them to you. Make sure to pay attention to some of our friends like Toy Shiz, The Fwoosh, Action Figure Insider, and NECA themselves all weekend long for all the Toy Fair reveals! We might not have been able to get together in person again this year, but kudos to NECA for making the weekend fun for fans and collectors anyway, as they always do.

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