Let's Take A Look At Diamond Select's New Darth Vader Gallery Statue

Star Wars fans who also want to get into statue collecting: Dimond Select has heard us, and the line has begun. When they bought Gentle Giant and started in on the Star Wars license, it only felt like a matter of time before they started with statues in their Gallery line for Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and more. Known for quality and craftsmanship while keeping costs down, the Gallery line has been a huge success in recent years from Marvel, DC Comics, and more. There is a downside to all of this excitement: these look like they will be exclusive to the Disney Store. Surprise dropped about a week before Christmas; I drove to my local one and snagged the first statue in the line. So, let's look at their Darth Vader statue and see if their Gallery line will be a hit with Star Wars collectors.

If These Are All As Good As This Darth Vader, I Am In Trouble

Not much difference between this Darth Vader and any other Gallery offering. Big ole box featuring key art and a giant window to see the statue from all sides. I have always appreciated these as a store owner because these boxes are easy to stack and make for an awesome display in-store because of it. As a collector, it would be boring to keep them that way, but understandable. These boxes are not built to be very sturdy, though, so be wary.

Once out of the package, this thing shines. It is way bigger than it looks in the box, and once you add the lightsaber blade, it becomes even longer. The sculpting work on Darth Vader is really well done; his mask has a hint of color in the eyes, which is the first thing I always look for. The cape is sculpted well to the figure's body, so it is not too large, and the base is really cool. I love how they achieved Darth's look using the Force to lift objects, which gives the piece character. It also comes with two swappable blades: a regular red one and a fanned out action blade that looks like it is in motion. I thought I would hate that one, but in person, it really works. Careful with the pegs for them though, they are too long and need to be trimmed slightly to fit into his hilt.

This is exactly what Star Wars collectors needed. Not everyone can afford Sideshow pieces or even Gentle Giant stuff. At $49.99, this is a high-quality piece that has some heft, great sculpting work, and looks like a higher-end piece for literally any collector's shelf. I really am impressed; I don't have anything too bad at all to say about this. Darth Vader is just the beginning; hopefully, I can already think of 10 of these off the top of my head that I want.

You can order one of these for yourself right here.

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