Funko Hollywood an Experience Beyond Ordinary Retail

Funko Hollywood is more than a simple store – it's more akin to an immersive museum experience featuring larger-than-life Funko figures from all aspects of pop culture and fandoms. Pictures don't do it justice, with full-size displays featuring giant Funko figures in massive themed environments.


The displays are floor-to-ceiling and immersive, featuring different music in each area themed to the franchise. The figures are life-size or bigger, with many of them looming overhead to make these usually small figures seem even larger than life. Several of the displays act as photo-ops, with guests being able and allowed to do things like climb in the Jurassic Park jeep or pose behind the cereal bowl on a box of Funko-styled Cap'n Crunch.

With over a hundred character statues on display at Funko Hollywood, the selection of Pop! and other figures to buy is even greater than all the various statues on display. Funko Hollywood has store exclusives in addition to a wide and varied selection of hard-to-find figures as well as the newest releases. Missed a Wal-Mart or Target exclusive from last summer and can only find it from online scalpers at an insane markup? There's a good chance Funko Hollywood has exactly what you need to finish the collection.

Funko Hollywood has something for everyone across a wide and varied plane of interests; they even partnered with Loungefly to sell their bags, accessories, and branded clothing (like all those adorable Disney dresses and classic Universal Monsters vintage inspired skirts) all throughout the store. The main draw of Funko Hollywood is the Funko Pop! People experience, which allows guests to make a custom Funko Pop! figure of themselves. Currently, the experience has high wait times, and slots often fill up for the day by early afternoon.

If Funko figures are your passion, Funko Hollywood is a must-see attraction that is as immersive as it is impressive. Funko Hollywood's website lists hours, COVID protocols, and an online shopping experience full of every kind of Funko figure and product imaginable.

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