Marvel Heroes Get Designer Collectibles from Unruly Industries

Unruly Industries have announced four new Marvel Designer figures from artist kaNO. He brings some iconic Marvel superheroes to life with modernized designs and attributes for each figure. They are nice and new designs that can please a certain clientele to these designs. We have seen some DC Comics figures from Unruly featuring some interesting shoe designs but they ones aren't just dedicated to one specific area. Each Marvel Designer Figure from Unruly Industries is priced at $90 and are set to release between January and March 2021. The four figures coming out are Black Panther, Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man.

Marvel Designer Collectible Figures from Unruly Industries
Marvel Designer Collectible Captain America Figure, photos from Unruly Industries, group shot.

First up is Black Panther, who is wearing facepaint, sporting headphones, and wearing some unique traditional clothing from Wakanda. The artist kaNO even had statements for each of his designs, for Black Panther they stated, "Royalty, Prestige and total Bad Assery represent the one and only King of Wakanda! It's Black History month so you know T'Challa had to come through and represent one time for the culture! Shades on and headphones up, Let's GO!!!" You can feel this modernized strings of this character with the updated design from the headphones to the faceprint. Captain America is up next and this little soldier is ready for action with his Marvel Designer figure. Posed and filled with pride, this Captain America design gives a vintage style helmet with modernized clothes. He still is holding his iconic Marvel Comics shield and showcased with patriot colors throughout his look. Just like Black Panther the artist has a statement for him as well saying," Salute to the illest Brooklynite to represent the Borough, donning the Red, White, and Blue! Serving up truth and justice to all villainous haters. You best protect your neck when he flexes his shield!"

Up next is the man that is the best at what he does and everyone's favorite mutant, Wolverine. This is one of the more interesting designs of these figures as he is shown with an interesting face sculpt and clothing design. Wolverine does have his iconic claws out and features his yellow and blues colors like his X-Men costume. He is sporting some unique designer shoes and even has some dog tags around his neck. Artist kaNO also gave described this Marvel Designer figure as, "Crispy and clean, back on the scene! This is a tribute to everyone's favorite Saturday morning mutant! Claws out and ready cut down the competition!" The last Marvel figure we are getting is the one and the only web-slinging superhero, Spider-Man. This one relies heavily on his original costume with some modern flair. Peter's hoodie features the mask of Spider-Man and his vest shows off the spider symbol. He is wearing what and is holding onto his cellphone for some modern flavor on this classic character. Like the rest of these figures, artist kaNO stated, "Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back! Freshly dipped as your witness to the roughest NYC streets. Whether he's capturing drama for the Daily Bugle or capturing criminals for NYC's finest, Spidey is here to do it in style, ya heard?!" Each of these figures brings a new and modernized design to these iconic Marvel superheroes that can fit nicely in any newer or older fans collection.

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