Marvel Legends Team Reveals A Ton At Hasbro Pulse Con

Marvel Legends fans closed out Hasbro Pulse Con this afternoon, revealing where the line is going in 2023. X-Men made a big splash, as well as some figures that we have been asking for years to add to the collections. At this point in the line, having been around for so long, they are reaching that point where the more obscure figures are starting to see the pegs, and that is a good thing. Check out the reveals below.

Marvel Legends Reveals

First up, one that was not shown on the livestream is a three-pack featuring Daredevil, Bullseye, and Elektra. That Elektra looks fantastic, and that Daredevil has needed a re-release forever.

Coming as a Marvel Legends Pulse Con exclusive is an Iron Man retro carded set, complete with one of those 90's cannons that has to come in its own box. Neat all around.

A debut Star-Lord figure is coming exclusively to Walmart.

The final figure in the VHS retro X-Men wave is going to be Cyclops, in a badly needed update to his classic gear. No sliding pieces! This is the final figure in the VHS style, for now, for X-Men.

Marvel Legends Team Reveals A Ton At Hasbro Pulse Con
Credit Hasbro

That is because, for 2023, they are switching to Spider-Man Animated Series VHS figures. The first pack is Black Suit Spidey vs. Carnage, with more info coming later. For now, just a package tease.

Other figure teases for 2023 included a re-release of Stryfe, Molecule Man, Orb, a Walgreens exclusive redo of Moonstone, and 90's X-Men team suit Storm and Banshee. Guess we will have to wait for classic Banshee.

The biggest reveal of the stream was a new Marvel Legends Retro X-Men carded wave. Multiple Man in his classic suit, Wolverine in the blue and gold, Avalanche, and Longshot join badly needed reissues of the red Dark Phoenix from the old TRU pack, and Spiral, who commands a huge price on the aftermarket.

Marvel Legends Team Reveals A Ton At Hasbro Pulse Con
Credit Hasbro

They did not spend much time on the failing Ghost Rider Engines Of Vengeance HasLab going right now, other than to show Mephisto holding a tease for what the second unlock might be. What are your guesses?

Most of these reveals go up for preorder today at 6 PM EST on Hasbro Pulse and other retailers.

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