NECA's Latest Version Of TMNT 2 Super Shredder Is Hard To Beat

NECA is really getting their money's worth out of this mold, huh? The third release of their awesome Super Shredder figure is here, as a Walmart exclusive, of course, and this time the changes are again more cosmetic than anything. The first release was one of the most amazing action figures released last year, and then they released the same figure with a black wash in tribute to the old Chef Boyardee mail-away figure of old. This time, the figure goes back again to its more purple look, but with some added freshness to make it stand out a bit. NECA sent us over one to take pictures of and show you, so let's dive in.

Yep, This Is Still One Of NECA's Best Figures Of All-Time

Just like the other two releases, this one features really awesome ultimate packaging, with Secret of the Ooze key art and a 30th-anniversary logo on the front. Man, seeing that 30th logo for the film makes me feel really old. The inside shows off the figure perfectly, and the back features exceptional figure photography. I sometimes get really jealous of people who have the space to keep their NECA figures MOC.

But then they don't get to experience the awesomeness this figure brings. This Shredder is pretty much the same as far as articulation and such goes, though his hands seem a bit easier to swap than the others have been. The new purple wash on the armor and outfit really pop well and are different enough to please those that have the first release. What I enjoy here are the two biggest additions. First, a cool belt that is a nod to Kevin Nash, WWE wrestler and the man who played Super Shredder in the film. Nice work there, NECA. The other is the cool color-changing cape. I love the flow this one has; it seems much better to pose than the other two. I know that cannot be the case since I believe the material is the same, yet it is true. I love the flowing nature of the color, depending on how the light hits it.

NECA's Latest Version Of TMNT 2 Super Shredder Is Hard To Beat
Super Shredder Exclusive

This is still the same perfect figure NECA has released twice already. However, this one is a fun addition to the TMNT movie shelf, and that belt and cape really make this one a figure to seek out. This one should be hitting Walmarts shortly.

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