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If We're Nitpicking, This Kickstarter Is Actually For The SECOND Ever Larry Hama Action Figure


A Kickstarter project from Fresh Monkey Fiction which has already more than tripled its $6000 funding goals aims to produce what it claims is the first ever action figure of comics legend Larry Hama. The action figure is styled after the classic line of 1980s 3.75" GI Joe action figures, though this one purports to be 4" in height, possibly because Larry Hama is larger than life. Hama was responsible for writing all of the file cards on the backs of those classic action figures, effectively playing a huge and indispensable role in creating the entire GI Joe universe. Hama wrote the GI Joe series for Marvel from 1982-1994, the sole writer on its entire run, and, in one of the comic book industry's few known instances of realizing its mistake and taking corrective action, IDW brought Hama back in 2010 to write GI Joe: A Real American Hero, picking up where Marvel's series left off with issue #155.5 and then continuing the original series' continuity to this day. It's our personal favorite comic ever, and IDW is obligated to publish it until the end of time lest we bring to bear the full might of Bleeding Cool as a journalistic entity against them in retaliation.

What we're trying to say is, if anyone deserves a GI Joe action figure based on them, it's not Refrigerator Perry, and it's not you mailing in that order form in the 80s to get the generic figure with a personalized file card with your name on it. It's Larry Hama, of course. So the $25 basic pledge level to get your hands on one of these things is money well spent, we say. Except for one small detail. It's a widely known legend that the appearance of the character Tunnel Rat is based on Larry Hama, with even Hama's Wikipedia page saying so (though the interview it links to as a source doesn't mention it). So, if we're going to be technical about the whole thing, this is actually the second Larry Hama action figure ever made. But that shouldn't stop you from buying one, if you consider yourself to be nearly the GI Joe fan that we are.

The Kickstarter has 19 days left, so head over there now.

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