Star Wars Black Series Rebels Team is Almost Complete, Ezra Now Out

Star Wars Black Series from Hasbro have done a good job of getting "teams" of characters done for all of our displays. By teams, I mean groupings like the Big Three in their Hoth gear, or the Bounty Hunters on the bridge of the Executor. One group they seem to be taking their time with however is the Ghost crew from Star Wars Rebels. Granted, these were animated characters that they have to turn into realistic sculpts for the figures, but the show debuted in 2014, and Star Wars Black Series figures started hitting shelves in 2013. We get one Ghost crew member per year it seems. Well, we also got Ahsoka and Thrawn, but we should have the whole team already. I personally am dying to complete it, as Rebels is one of my favorite bits of Star Wars we have ever gotten.

This latest wave of Star Wars Black Series figures sees two characters make their debuts. Chopper, the moody astromech droid, and the main character of the show, Ezra. The only one left from the crew yet to receive a figure is Zeb. He is a tough sculpt to crack, so I get it. Hopefully we see him announced at SDCC in a couple weeks. For now, let's take a look at the Ezra figure we were able to track down the other day.

Ezra comes with a unique lightsaber and removable trooper helmet. It makes so much of a difference when you can pop on and off the helmet instead of making it a separate headsculpt. Please only do this toy companies. It features awesome markings and design, just like the ones Ezra and Sabine created on the show. Speaking of things being accurate to the show, they could not have done a better job recreating his jumpsuit and vest. They absolutely nail the colors, and it looks like he walked right off the screen from an episode of Rebels. Even the realistic headsculpt kept the unique art style of Star Wars Rebels intact. From a design standpoint, this figure is a home run.

I do have some nitpicks. The blade from the lightsaber is next to impossible to remove. It has a peg, and I was able to get it off, but it took some doing and its basically broken now. Both ankles on mine were very loose, so he fell over quite a bit. But other than that, Ezra is a welcome addition to my Star Wars Rebels Black Series team, and I cannot wait to track down Chopper and see what they can do with Zeb.

You can order one of these for yourself right here.

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