The Boys & MCU Figures On The Way From Medicom MAFEX Line

The Boys and two new MCU figures have been shown off by Medicom in their MAFEX line. From The Boys, we have a new Homelander figure, complete with an American flag cape. I would say that there will be more of these coming in the future, but Homelander is the one to get out asap. From the MCU, an Avengers: Infinity War version of Doctor Strange featuring his energy shields has debuted. Along with Strange, an Avengers: Endgame version of Thor with great armor and Stormbreaker in tow. You can check out all three, including the first figure from The Boys down below.

There Is Going To Be So Many More Figures From The Boys

No release details or price points are available right now, as these were new reveals during an online event. But both of these MCU figures look pretty good, I personally have had some issues with MAFEX Marvel figures, but that Thor is so great that I may have to give them another chance. Stormbreaker looks pretty epic itself. The outfit looks a smidge dark…but they have time to tweak that a bit.

No, the main event here is Homelander from The Boys. The show has taken off way, way more than anyone could possibly have anticipated given the exceptionally mature content. The comic has been a personal favorite of mine and seeing people embrace the show so hard and at the same time getting into the comics warms my heart. This figure looks epic. That fabric cape is everything, plastic just wouldn't do here. There is going to be so much merchandise from The Boys this time next year, it is going to make our heads spin. Good on Medicom to get ahead of everyone else. Now they just have to deliver on time for once.

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