TMNT Ultimates Wave 7 Now Up For Preorder From Super7

TMNT fans have gotten used to an embarrassment of riches as far as figures are concerned, and that includes the first few waves of Super7 Ultimates figures. Each wave has topped the last, but for those of us who enjoy the deep cuts, this new wave revealed today may take the cake. The five figures included in this assortment include a Puk Rock Donatello figure, Metalhead Michelangelo, Guerrilla Gorilla from the old magazine issues, Triceraton, and Robot Bebop. I mean, my God, how did they even think to do some of these? The figure world is in a tizzy, and rightfully so. Check them out down below.

TMNT Ultimates Wave 7 Goes Deep, Super7's Latest Wave Up For Preorder
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TMNT Super7 Ultimates Wave 7 Details

"The idea of young crime-fighting mutant reptiles is wild, to begin with, but take that concept and turn it up to 11, and you get characters like the ones featured in Super7's latest wave of TMNT ULTIMATES! There's a keytar-playing punk rock turtle, a technologically-terrific turtle trooper, a mutant gorilla who lives in the Amazon rainforest, an imperialist galactic dinosaur, and even a robotic mutant warthog! Inspired by some of the most out-there characters in the TMNT universe, these 7" scale made-to-order ULTIMATES! figures of Punker Don, Warrior Metalhead Michelangelo, Guerrilla Gorilla, Triceraton, and Robotic Bebop are every bit as outrageous as you'd expect!"

Those crazy fools at Super7 just are on another level, man. These are some deep, deep cuts, especially the gorilla. Many would mistake him for someone else from the cartoon (if you know, you know). The Turtle variants are always welcome, though I never thought I would get a Punk Donnie. That is incredible looking. These are a must-own and are up for preorder right now for $55 a figure, except the gorilla, which costs $75. You can order some right here.

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