Dave Bautista's Manatee-Watch – The Daily LITG 16th January 2021

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Daily LITG: Dave Bautista's Manatee-Watch and the ten most-read stories yesterday…

The world keeps turning, and America keeps burning. And Dave Bautista knows just what manatees need his help.

  1. Dave Bautista Offers $20K Bounty for "MAGATs" Who Defaced a Manatee
  2. Law & Order: SVU: Benson & Stabler Are Back- And A Little Bit Closer
  3. CW Update: Riverdale Spinoff, Arrow S09, Lost Boys, Swamp Thing, More
  4. Walker Star Jared Padalecki Says Jensen Ackles Will Be On The Show
  5. Alison Brown of the London Cartoon Museum Has Died, Aged 39
  6. The Unreleased Unova Shinies In Pokémon GO – Part Four
  7. Transformers Thundercracker Takes to the Sky With New Hasbro Figure
  8. Is The Machop Community Day Ticket Worth Buying In Pokémon GO?
  9. TOLDJA: The Return Of The Authority To DC Comics
  10. Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart Offers Detail on Post-Time Jump Betty

ICYMI: more you may prefer from yesterday.

In case you fancied more LITG about comic books.

  1. Patrick Gleason Sells Out Own Exclusive Venom Webhead Cover
  2. Dr Manhattan Returns To DC Comics In Rorschach #7
  3. Teen Lantern and Jo Mullein Join John Stewart in Green Lantern #1
  4. Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen on Batman In April
  5. Remnant Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman in RWBY/Justice League
  6. TOLDJA: The Return Of The Authority To DC Comics
  7. DC Comics April 2021 Solicitations In Full – Now With Added Batman
  8. Milk, Cheese & Witchblood – Thank FOC It's Friday, 15th January
  9. Former DC Comics Execs & James Killen Launch Endpaper Entertainment
  10. Dark Horse Comics To Run Harassment/Discrimination Prevention Training
  11. Batman: The Dark Knight #1 With Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert in April
  12. Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes For Black Widow #5, Marauders #18 and SWORD #3
  13. Patrick Gleason Will Now Always Be Drawing Webhead Cover Variants
  14. Next Batman And Robin – Tim Fox, Damian Wayne Get Own DC Comics

LITG One year ago, Flash Met Flash ahead of Snyder Cut news

And X Of Swords was on the way.

  1. "Crisis" Management: The Flash Met [SPOILER] – Snyder Cut Soon?
  2. Marvel Editors Confirm "Big X-Men Crossover," More X-Books, and New Class of X-Kids for 2020
  3. 'Everything Happened' – Including the Proposal to Barbara Gordon – as Nightwing #68 Gets Closer to Dick Grayson
  4. Damian Wayne – Baby Hitler? Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 Spoilers
  5. "Supernatural": Jared Padalecki's "Walker", "Superman & Lois" to Series
  6. More A4: Empyre with a Y Covers Reveal X-Men Tie-in, Wolverine and Spidey in Fantastic Four
  7. Ralph Macchio Feels the Black Widow's Sting in April
  8. Marvel's Punisher Skull Now Used For QAnon Recruitment
  9. "Wynonna Earp" Season 4: SYFY Series' Return to Purgatory Now Official
  10. Marvel Launches New iWolverine Comic Series For Iron Man 2020

Two years ago, Superboy was 17 years old

And Sylvester Stallone was pushing Last Blood.

  1. Jonathan Kent, Superboy, is Now 17 Years Old…
  2. Sylvester Stallone Shares Some New Pictures from Rambo V: Last Blood
  3. How Uncanny X-Men #10 Sets Up Age Of X-Man…. (SPOILERS)
  4. Invaders #1 Rewrites History of Namor… and the X-Men (Spoilers)
  5. Batman/Flash Heroes In Crisis Crossover Now Called 'The Price' – And Who Killed Robin Anyway?

And the 101 most-read stories of 2020 right here.

Happening today.

The Daily LITG, 13th January 2021
LITG: Black Comic Book Festival PR

Lots of things are locked down. But some things are still happening on or off-line.

LITG: Comic book industry birthdays.

There may still not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are always getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Jamie Coville, comics journalist.
  • Don Alsafi, employee at G-Mart Comics, Chicago
  • Mike Schwartz, creator of Oceanverse comic strip.
  • Stephen Sutherland, writer of NeverEnding comic
  • David M. DeVries, writer on Suicide Squad
  • Steve Erwin, comics artist, co-creator of Checkmate and Gunfire for DC Comics
  • My mum.

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