Perception – Judging A Book Without Its Logo

Fred Boulos writes for Bleeding Cool: 

Where do you want to go? Who do you wish to be? What does your perception tell you about the world around you; the world you know; the world you dreamed it to be; the world you created for yourself. The world you created for others.

The eloquence of an idea realized is judged not just by the idea, but by the result. The execution from idea to reality is a complex endeavor, where a misstep may be as minor as a breath or as wide as a hurricane. It isn't a matter of smallness or greatness, or reputation or sense of worth. Maturity and skill are key, but they are still slaves to details of the idea and its execution. Or perceived execution.

In every idea we encounter, openness to difference is not so much about the exterior as it is about the interior. I see that which I am not accustomed to, and place it within the realms of my experiences: that which I am familiar and comfortable with. It isn't always a matter of worth or of quality, but of that which we have been defined by. Our perception allows us to define a taxonomy that guides where our mind, heart and soul are taken.

But of which perception? Emotional perception or logical perception?

When you examine the world around us, and you make a choice, it isn't about the single consequence but about the opportunity. Current and future. What is placed in front of us is wide and varying, but only as wide and varying as we allow. And what we allow, is in our hands. What we position to be the world we live in, is made by us. It isn't an "us and them" mentality, but a "we." A realization that to make what we love, is to expand and to grow.

Now, what did you perceive of the above? A social statement? Political? Religious? Scientific?

A simple answer is: Yes.

The flourishing of ideas is no different now from previous. But more opportunities to extend what we love exist. We each can be an armchair critic; a voice given because we "are entitled" and feel that our opinion is worthy. We need to prove that.

Perception: There is DC, Marvel, the larger independents, and the smaller independents. Large compartmentalizing, but satisfactory for now. Quality isn't dictated by the placement of a logo or the physical representation of the material. This isn't new or revolutionary, but there are associated perceptions. DC guy? Marvel guy? Image guy?

To expand and grow; to allow ourselves to be open to difference. To allow ourselves to be taken on a journey by other pilots and creators. NEW pilots and NEW creators. All this requires is a change in perception. Not a rallying call. Not a call to change the industry or to begin a war of words. Simply an awareness to our perceived being and that which we aspire to.

A number of open and new worlds exist. Not specific to a brand, but open and striving to be heard. No one will claim that all are worthy; that all are of such significance to usher in a grandiose style that will change everything that has come before. But…

Each offers a new world of possibility and potential new pilots to allow us to journey further. To grow our world, expand our population, and to further our awareness. To broaden our perception of what we deem as quality.

Open your mind and your view. Take the time to skip the logo. Take the risk to indulge in new worlds, from voices and locations you would never have thought of before. From voices deemed not yet acceptable to the mainstream of recognized independents. Look at our world and make of it what you perceive it should be. Trust that which you have  known only, or broaden your perception to new voices. It isn't a free pass, but it is an opportunity.

OC2The second issue of my series Order & Chaos is now available via comiXology Submit. But it isn't alone. Whether mine or others; whether comiXology or other; seek out that which you have not sought before. Grow our world and yours.

I stand in a field of vastness. Limitless direction; varying potential; aspiring to that which I have not yet known. I choose…

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