Pokémon GO, The Walking Dead – The Daily LITG 24th September 2020

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LITG: Pokémon GO, Walking Dead and Transformers T-Rex – the ten most-read stories yesterday…

Pokémon GO and The Walking Dead- The Daily LITG 24th September 2020
Pokémon GO and The Walking Dead- The Daily LITG 24th September 2020 – Credit: Niantic

What you were reading yesterday, the numbers don't lie.

  1. Shiny Doduo Has Been Released In Pokémon GO's New Event
  2. Fear the Walking Dead Season 6: New Preview Images Have Us Worried
  3. Transformers T-Rex Megatron Stands Mighty In New Hasbro Reveals
  4. Al Ewing and Valerio Schiti's New X-Men Comic, S.W.X.R.D.
  5. Full Timed Research For Mega Buddy Event In Pokémon GO
  6. Rick and Morty Emmy Shock: Rick Reveals Why He Hasn't Tackled COVID
  7. Shiny Articuno Raid Hour: Last Chance At The Icy Bird In Pokémon GO
  8. Funko Announces Lottery System for NYCC Virtual Con IV
  9. The Mega Buddy Event Is Now Live In Pokémon GO
  10. Hasbro Gets Retro With New 3.75" Marvel Legends Figures

ICYMI: five more you may prefer from yesterday,

In case you actually wanted to read about comic books. I know, mad, right?

  1. Commanders In Crisis #1 Launch From Image With 50,000 Orders Already
  2. Savage Dragon #253 Endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
  3. Now Archie Make Comics All-You-Can-Eat Streaming from Day Of Release
  4. Naming All Ten Swords in X Of Swords – Then Another Ten? (Spoilers)
  5. You Already Read A Chunk Of X Of Swords: Creation – But It Changed

One year ago, NYCC was selling out.

And he did, didn't he? Just took a little longer than anticipated.

  1. "The Walking Dead" Spinoff: So What's Michael Cudlitz Doing in Virginia?
  2. Why Thursday at NYCC May Be the Biggest Day – Also the Only Day They Have Tickets Left For
  3. Marvel Has No Plans to Scale Back Wolverine Oversaturation Anytime Soon
  4. Ubisoft Announce Plans For Massive "Rainbow Six Siege" Bans
  5. The Walking Dead Returns on Local Comic Shop Day 2019, With BKV's "Alien" in Print For the First Time
  6. Opinion: Why Wargames Falter: "Arena Rex", "Malifaux", and More
  7. The Rick And Morty Comic Series to End With #60
  8. The Inferior Spider-Man in Superior Spider-Man #11 [Preview]
  9. Hush Returns to Batman with Tom King, John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson?
  10. "Throne of Eldraine Deluxe Collection" Panned – "Magic: The Gathering"

Two years ago, it was back to the Batpenis

When Stephen Colbert's ears… pricked up.

  1. Bleeding Cool Brings You Batman's Penis In All Its Batglory From Batman: Damned #1
  2. Stephen Colbert Weighs In On the Batpenis
  3. The Other Major Heroes In Crisis #1 Death Confirmed? Really? 
  4. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Criminal Returns in January from Image Comics
  5. Cable News Host Has Had Enough Of Your Bull@#$% in X-Men Red #8 Preview

LITG: What's happening today

Plenty of comic book events happening online as a handful return to going offline.

Comic book industry birthdays

There may not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Peter David, Spider-Man, Supergirl, Star Trek and Hulk writer, co-creator of Sachs & Violens.
  • Paul Ryan, Fantastic Four artist.
  • Robert J. Sodaro, creator of Cyberines.

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