Top 5 Movies That Should Get a Licensed Comic Book

In Bleeding Cool's earlier piece about why licensed titles are one of the best gateways for new readers into the wild world of comics, we sang the praise of some great TV shows that have been continued or adapted into the graphic medium. We followed up with a list of TV shows that are perfectly suited to become licensed comics. Now, let's take it to the big screen and look at the Top 5 movies that would make excellent licensed comics… including a superhero tale that would have been a much bigger hit today than when it came out.

Top 5 Movies That Should Get a Licensed Comic Book. Credit: Jennifer's Body, Pineapple Express
Top 5 Movies That Should Get a Licensed Comic Book. Credit: Jennifer's Body, Pineapple Express

5. Hancock

Will Smith's superhero vehicle Hancock was released the same year as Iron Man. One of these films would kick off the biggest interconnected universe of movies ever produced, and one would fail to see even a single sequel despite being the fourth highest-grossing movie of 2008. The always likable Smith played an alcoholic hero who was hated by the public, living on the edge of being a man trying to be his best and… well, a complete dirtbag. Hancock seems destined to be a forgotten gem at the beginning of a superhero renaissance in film, but this story of a drunk, amnesiac, asshole immortal would make a great comic.

4. Kill Bill

Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to comics. He collaborated with Dynamite Entertainment to produce Django/Zorro, which was billed as the official sequel to his film. Kill Bill would undoubtedly make an incredible comic series under Tarantino's pen, as this two-part film introduced multiple characters that could see their own tales told in the graphic medium. Tarantino spoke about a Kill Bill 3 film as recently as nine months ago, so what better time to bring the universe back to life with a comic?

3. Scream

With Scream 5 on the way, this 2000s horror thriller is proving that it has as much life in it as the films it was created to parody and pay homage. Scream was bold in the way that it was self-aware, commenting on the genre's tropes while also delivering a perfectly crafted horror story of its own. Horror comics have their own tropes unique to the medium, and it would be interesting to see how Scream would translate into a comic that both critiques and embraces those tropes.

2. Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body is one of those movies that got panned when it first came out, only for people to realize its brilliance years later. Screenwriter Diablo Cody followed up her breakout hit Juno with this horror/comedy/drama about a possessed girl. BOOM! Studios put out a comic book tie-in to the film back before the company had the indie edge they do today. Not that we are living in an era that appreciates the brilliance of Jennifer's Body, it would be interesting to see a comic book sequel to a movie that always deserved better than its audience gave.

1. Pineapple Express

This might be a hot take, but hey… if you don't love Pineapple Express, I got nothing for you. Seth Rogen and James Franco starred in this 2008 stone comedy/action film that took the Judd Apatow structure of taking a romantic comedy plot and replacing the leads with two male friends… and then took it a step further by adding guns, explosions, and life-or-death action. Comics is the place where genre mash-ups thrive, and what better place for the Pineapple Express sequel that was teased but never delivered to live than this wild medium?

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