Checking Out The Marvel Legends Series Captain America Shield

When I was five, my uncle bought me my first comic book… it was Captain America and the Falcon. When I was eleven, I met my first comic creator… Jack Kirby and he signed a copy of Captain America for me. I have memories of grabbing a garbage can lid and hosting it like Steve Rogers. And as an adult, I've always wanted a shield to hang on my office wall.

Enter Hasbro new line of props. The Marvel Legends Series Captain America Shield became available and thanks to Amazon, I had it on my doorstep less than twenty-four hours later. (I love Amazon Prime.) It came shipped as is, no additional box other than the one shown below… hence the shipping labels. The postman knew what he was delivering.

Now this was the lowest priced shield I'd come across, but it is made of plastic so I was a little worried. Once I got it out of the box though, I was surprised at just how sturdy it really is. It has some real heft to it, the adjustable straps are sturdy and it has a very nice shine to it. As a wall hanger or a cosplay prop, it's really well done. Even the inside has a nice look of riveted metal and the straps look like leather. And size wise, it's a good 2-feet across making it the appropriate size.

Have to say I'm very pleased with the shield. It's a good deal at $99 for anyone wanting to use it for cosplaying or for a decorative piece. I wouldn't recommend using it to bash villains or stop bullets…

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