Unboxing the DC Legion of Collectors Green Lantern Funko Box

Always leave them wanting more. For what may in fact be the final DC Legion of Collectors Funko box, they gave us the best one that they have done. The Green Lantern-themed box is one that fans and subscribers wanted almost from the start, and anyone who picked this one should be more than happy with its contents. There were a lot of possibilities with a Lantern box — which Corps would be represented? Which characters? Which Corps leaders? Would we get a fidget spinner?! Thankfully no on that last one. Let's take a look at what we got.

Unboxing the DC Legion of Collectors Green Lantern Funko Box

The box, of course, is just like the others. I will say that I have always enjoyed the silhouette artwork they used for these the most of any of the boxes. I will miss that.

Once opened, you see that the only Corps really represented is the Green Lanterns. Nothing wrong with that at all; this is a Green Lantern box after all. The Lantern stress ball is okay — nothing too exciting there. I do like the shirt, even though John Stewart is not looking his best here. I wish it had been a Pop shirt.

Anyone who has ever read any of my Funko articles on here knows how much I love the Pint Size heroes. And these became two of my favorites as soon as I laid eyes on them. Sinestro looks incredible, and the Hal Jordan is adorable. They even have little rings on their hands. Even the packaging is great. I only wish we got more exclusive Pint Size in other boxes.

Which brings us to maybe the best Pop exclusive in any of their boxes. This Pop three-pack Ch'p, Guy Gardner, and Kilowog are three of the best-sculpted, best-looking Pops I have ever seen. Each one has very distinct looks — Ch'p with his tail, Guy with the lapels, and the entirety of his figure. Kilowog is one of my favorite Pops in my collection already. He was always one of my favorite Lanterns, but man, does he make a great Pop.

If this is the last DC box, then it is by far the best one just on the Pop alone. While I have not always liked every DC box, there were more hits than misses. Let us hope that the DC Legion of Collectors box is not gone forever and does in fact come to be a retailer exclusive.

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