The Nintendo Switch Has Sold Over 17 Million Units

Nintendo has revealed their most recent financial report, giving out specific numbers on everything from the Nintendo Switch console to their own games.

Nintendo Switch Red Blue

It's no secret that Nintendo has done exceptionally well. It became the fastest-selling console in history, and you don't have to walk around far to see someone playing with one somewhere on a commute. It really has been a revelation for the company.

Well, now we have a very specific idea of just how big — the company wasn't shy about giving out their sales numbers today. In their latest financial results (via Nintendo Life), it was revealed the console had sold a staggering 17.79 million units as of March 31st, 2018. There is a whole lot of software to go with that too. In total, the Switch has sold 68 million games, and of those Super Mario Odyssey made up 10.41 million, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (9.22m) and Zelda: Breath of the Wild (8.48m) taking second and third place for Nintendo-produced games.

Nintendo has now said it would like to push on and sell another 20 million Switches by March 2019, which would be a massive increase on the already staggering numbers of the console. The lineup this year, while including Super Smash Bros., is looking a little barer than last year. We will have to see. It's certainly doable though, especially if there is a big announcement at E3.

Just prior to the release of the Nintendo Switch, many wouldn't have seen these kinds of numbers on the horizon, but it's exciting to be back in a world where Nintendo is sitting alongside, if not on top of the competition. Ultimately though, here's hoping the Switch keeps bringing us excellent video games.