Hasbro Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Needs To Be Added To Your Toy Shelf

As I do pretty much everyday, I was out toy hunting the other morning and recieved a tip that the new wave of X-Men Marvel Elgends was swinging from the pegs at a local Target. Consuming my every thought as a worked that day, I drove right over after work only to find I had been beaten to the figures except for one, the Old Man Logan figure.This was second on my list from this wave for most-wanted figure behind Dazzler, but nevertheless I was happy to pick him up and bring him home with me.

I love the current packaging for Marvel Legends. I love the giant window box, the art used on the side panels is always stellar, it is easy to open without damaging so you can save it. A small detail I appreciate is the list of figures for that specific wave that tells you which build a figure piece comes with each figure as well, I constantly stand in the store forgetting which figure I still need, or which piece I need to collect. I am glad they include it and I hope it never goes away.

After removed from the package, the first thing you notice about Logan is that the sculpt kicks ass. From the scowl on his face, to his little belt buckle, down to the rips on the back of his jacket, they really nailed this one. The bomber jacket really ads to the look of the figure, and it does not limit his movement at all. His claws are bendy, and that I don't like, on his left hand one of the blades was bent, but that was an easy fix. I would have loved a pair of extra hands without claws, especially since he is the only figure in the wave without a build a figure piece, but it is not a dealbreaker.

As far as poseability and standing the figure up, mine had some loose joints, but I have had no problems getting him to stand in many different poses. As I said above, the jacket does not affect the movement of his arms or torso at all. If anything, all it does is show off how great a job they did sculpting everything so that it does not hamper the figures playability. As far as paint aps go, mine has no problems other than where his claws attach to his hands, but that has been an issue on every Wolverine figure I have ever owned, so I expected that. The real standout here is the head sculpt, and boy is it a beauty. the added wrinkles to his forehead and muttonchops look amazing, and the scowl he shoots you feels perfect.

Overall, this figure needs to be owned. Marvel Legends collectors: this one is a no-brainer, but casual buyers that may be looking for a figure after seeing Logan next week should pick this up as well.

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