Hulk 12-Inch Marvel Legends Figure Smashes All Other Hulks

The Hulk is one of those characters that demands figures that are huge, massive, and look like they could lay waste to the rest of the toys around your collection. I have always had a problem with six-inch scale Hulk figures, they just never feel like they are big enough, although the build a figure Gladiator Hulk from the Thor: Ragnarok wave of Legends out right now comes close. No, Hulk needs to big BIG. And heavy. And angry-looking, not annoyed. I am happy to say, that after I got my hands on the new Hasbro 12-inch Hulk that I have exactly what I wanted.

Hulk gets the standard packaging that the 12-inch line have all gotten, but I have to say that the cool mix of Hulk's "primary colors", if you will – purple and green —really make this one pop off the shelf. The giant picture windows on the front of these was a genius move, let people see their figures when they buy them! This is especially awesome for MOC collectors.

Once you get him free of his cardboard and plastic prison, you get a true sense of just how gigantic he really is. And heavy. Man, is this thing heavy. But none of these factors hamper the articulation of look of the figure itself. The sculpting detail on every aspect of this guy is perfect — from all the veins everywhere, to the extra-large fists, to the ripped jeans. This is a top-notch Hulk figure.

I feel like this is how big he would actually be in scale with a regular six-inch Legends figure. He should tower over everyone. He comes with interchangeable hands so he can have wide open palms or closed fists. And he comes with two head sculpts. The more modern-looking one is just OK; he just kinda looks cocky and annoyed, which is not what I want on my Hulk figure.

No, what I want is a classic mop-top "HULK SMASH!!!!" angry face. That one is perfect, and fits the look of the figure so much better than the bored looking one, so I will not be popping that one back on ever again. This guy is also so much fun to pose. He is a tad top heavy, but some quick leg adjustments correct that nicely.

I recently also got the Thor figure, and these two decided to fight it out for figure supremacy. Hulk of course won and carried Thor across the lands for some post-battle ale. After that they decided to pose together as friends…from work.

Besides the bored expression on the modern head, I have zero complaints here. This guy will run you $75, which is steep and $25 more than the other figures in the series, but once you get it one and see how heavy and big it is, you will understand why. My recommendation is to get this, but maybe hold out, since all of these have hit discount so far. Anything lower than $75 is a steal for this. If you can't wait, you can pick one up right here.

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