Laptops Are The Top Selling In 2017's Tech Market


The latest report for the NPD Group indicates that the leader in technology sales, despite all other possible items, are mid to high end laptops. With the first quarter of 2017 well behind us, the NPD Group looked at tech sales using a broad definition of what constitutes as technology, it is the sale of laptops and notebooks that continue to drive the industry.  In the post by Darryl Ryce about the results of 2017's consumer electronics sales, he states, "to date, the Notebook market is driving growth in the overall technology sector, delivering revenue growth of 11%, which translates to an additional $30M in revenue so far this year.

Although there are other markets that are delivering stronger growth results like Solid State Drives and Monitors, their revenue contribution to the overall tech sector pales in comparison to the Notebook market." Which does make a lot of sense. No matter who you are, or how tech savvy, you probably need a laptop either for work or for leisure. What's interesting about the 2017 numbers so far is that, "despite Chrome notebook growth – the value priced market is actually slowing down the market." So when we are buying laptops in 2017, it is not the value priced notebook of under $600 that we go for. Instead, "it is the mid to premium priced notebooks that are delivering increased volume and revenue, with sales up 9% and revenue up 18%.  In Q1 alone, that is an increase of over $36M in additional revenue generated by these higher priced notebooks."

This is mostly unique in that it basically indicates that value is no longer the driving force in technology growth. Instead of getting a bargain notebook, people in 2017 are instead looking for better quality over a lower pricepoint. And Ryce seems inclined to believe that this growth will continue, "looking out towards back to school, early indications are that the Notebook market overall will deliver low single digit growth.  However, we can expect that mid to premium priced notebooks will remain a key growth factor with both volume and revenue results much stronger than the overall market." So, it probably isn't the laptop ban driving these sales, in case you were worried.

Instead what this indicates is that the average consumer in 2017 has finally decided that quality outweighs value. And maybe that's a good thing. Or maybe it just means that the price of an Apple Macbook Pro is about to shoot up again, just because it can.

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