Marvel Legends Groot Evolution 3 Pack Is Worth It…But Not For Baby Groot

Exclusives are usually hard to track down, so when I walked into Toys R Us the other day I was quite surprised to find the TRU Exclusive Groot Evolution 3-pack on the pegs, and they had about 40 of them. I am thinking this one will not be quite as hard as others have been in the past.

When this was first announced, I was going to pass it up. There was some confusion at first, as it looked like a repack of the Groot build a figure from the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie wave from a couple years ago, and I couldn't justify spending $20 on a little potted Groot and Baby Groot. But, I am happy I did now, because they are slightly different.

First the packaging, which is pretty great with a couple caveats. The front of the box has a great display window to show off the figures, but its partially covered by the big Toys R US exclusive badge on the front. The side key art is really great, with all three versions of Groot shown with a sweet purple hue. The back of the package has a nice big picture of Groot and the smaller versions of him in Guardians badges. When you remove the figure tray, the big takeaway is the packed in legs on the bottom, which is the only way you could have fit them in. Some people have complained that their legs were bent strangely in there and lossened the joints, but that is not the case with mine.

Once you put the legs on, the big Groot starts to shine, and you notice the differences between this figure and the older one. The most obviously one is the new head sculpt with the grinning face. I never understood why the original had such a blah face, and I am glad this one fixes that. The body has more of a natural brown and green bark look to him as well, while being the same sculpt. The update is worth it to me. As far as the potted Groot and Baby Groot go: ehh. The potted Groot is fine, for being as small as it is the detail is pretty nice on it. The pot is flat on the bottom so it sits well too (sorry, I tried but I could not get a perfect picture of it). The Baby Groot is a miss for me. Sculpt-wise, it is fine. Again, being so small the details are nicely done. But it is so tiny, it does not stand at all unless you rest it against something. Truthfully, these are pack-ins.

Overall, if you didn't get the whole first wave of Guardians of the Galaxy to build Groot, then this is a no-brainer buy. If you already have, it really comes down to if the head sculpt and updated paint job is worth it to you. The pack-ins of the two little Groots is not worth the $20. Personally, I am happy I upgraded. A happy Groot deserves a spot on my shelf.



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