The Pokémon Company Celebrates Pokémon Day With New Line Of Figures

The Pokémon Company is certainly on a roll as of late. Between Pokémon Go, Sun and Moon, and Detective Pikachu films, Pokémon has permeated the public consciousness more than it has in years. That looks to continue with a new line of figures they are putting out to celebrate Pokémon Day in February 27 (this Monday).

Pokémon Anniversary Figues Boxed

The figures themselves will come in very nice boxes that should display really well, and have a great design to them. Very colorful and big picture windows, which I am a big advocate for. Companies take note: show off your figures!

The first four figures will be Pikachu, Magikarp, Mew, and Eevee. All of the figures will be display pieces, and come on dynamic bases that show off their power sets. Obviously Magikarp looks hilarious flopping around, Mew looks majestic, Eevee looks adorable, and Pikachu is going with the "I'm pissed and electrocuting you" look. All of them look pretty incredible though. Great sculpts and power pieces all around on all four.

These figures will be available on The Pokémon Center February 27. They will retail for $16.99 a piece.

First seen on Kotaku.

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