Ragnarok Marvel Legends Invade The Realms Toy Aisles

Thor: Ragnarok toys began to hit shelves in stores this week, and hopefully everyone is having luck finding what they are looking for. I have been striking out so far, as I really wanted the entire wave of Legends so I could build the Gladiator Hulk figure. After seeing it in person at SDCC, it jumped right to the top of my most anticipated list for the fall. While I haven't found the entire wave yet, I did manage to snag a Thor and Loki this morning.

As I have said before, Legends have some of the best packaging around, and these are no different. every part of the box has some kind of graphic or artwork, and the giant window box proudly displays the figure waiting inside even if you never plan on opening the thing.

Loki is up first. Likeness-wise, this thing is pretty great. With or without the helmet, the Tom Hiddleston is strong with this figure. Other than that, while nice it is kinda boring. He come with his helmet and cape, which stays on surprisingly well considering the way it rests on his shoulders. I was hoping he would come with his cool daggers we see in the trailer, but no dice. We haven't gotten a Loki since the Walmart exclusive wave of figures for the Avengers in 2012 (at least a movie version), so and updated one is welcome for Ragnarok. Just wish it had a little more bang for the buck here.

Thor on the other hand is awesome. Now, I wish this was the non-helmeted version that is coming in the Target exclusive Two=Pack with Valkyrie, but that's ok, as this version is great as well. So much they got right on this figure, my only complaint is that the wings on his helmet don't stay quite straight, I wish they were done is a more firm plastic. Other than that, I really don't have much to complain about here: we get a great sculpt on the head, the cape attaches to the figure through peg holes on his shoulder and hip so it doesn't move around a ton or limit mobility, and the paint aps on the war paint all over the upper body and armor pieces is fantastic. Mine has no paint runs or odd shapes that I could see, and that could be a problem with this guy. Make sure to check yours out before purchase if you can. He comes with two swords, since his hammer is destroyed in the trailer it makes sense it is not included here.

These two are great figures from a strong first wave in support of Ragnarok. Thor is well-worth the buy, as is Loki as an update or your first one. I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the wave, especially Hela. That figure looks amazing.


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