Ring of Elysium's Thailand Invitational Begins April 7th

Ring of Elysium's Thailand Invitational Begins April 7th
credit// Aurora Studios

Ring of Elysium's upcoming Thailand International Invitational Tournament will begin at Garena World on April 7th, 2019. Garena World is in its seventh year, and is the largest gaming and esports expo in Southeast Asia. This year, Garena World will host the top 15 Ring of Elysium teams as they begin their fight for the top bracket of the Invitational.

The international teams include Hydra Gaming, Impact Gaming, Noble Esports, No Rrcoil, Team Force, Stellar Four, MDY, King and Zoo, with two additional teams from Taipei and four from Thailand. The teams will be battling it out on the Europa Island map in a best of four with four TPP round and four FPP rounds. Each team will earn points during their matches comprised of ranking points, elimination points, and boarding points, with the highest scoring team claiming victory.

The Thailand International Invitational will be the first international esports event for Ring of Elysium and will have a prize pool totaling 1M Baht. Audience members both online and at the invitational events will receive gift packages including skins and rare props. The Invitational will feature multiple rounds of intense competition that both Ring of Elysium and esports fans are sure to enjoy.

Ring of Elysium is available to play now for free on Steam.

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