Topps 2017 WWE Heritage: A Bleeding Cool Box Break

Topps and WWE have quite a few sets that come out every year, but I look forward most to the Heritage set. I put together the set almost every year, and I want to make sure I do it this year. 1987 Topps is one of my favorite card designs of all-time, and I am far from the only one. So, this evening I finally found some on the shelf, and I could hardly wait until I got home to open it all up. Here was what I got inside:

Topps 2017 WWE Heritage Cards 1Topps 2017 WWE Heritage Booster Box

-7 Packs plus one Relic Card Pack
-65 Cards
-Base: 34/100 (No Doubles)
-Inserts: 23 (2 Bizzare SummerSlam Matches, 7 SummerSlam All-Stars, 14 Thirty Years of SummerSlam)
-4 Parallels (All bronze: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Tommaso Ciampa, Macho Man Randy Savage, Bob Backlund)
– One Daniel Bryan Tribute Card (Walmart Exclusive)
– One John Cena Tribute Card
-Autograph/Memorabilia Card: 1 (John Cena T-shirt Card, Numbered 13/99)






I picked up this booster at a Walmart, which is the only place you can get the Daniel Bryan cards that run through all of this years products. In the regular releases everywhere is the John Cena Tribute set. The sets contain 40 cards, all looking at some of the most important moments in their respective WWE careers.

The base sets consists of 100 cards focusing on main roster stars from RAW and SmackDown, NXT, and WWE Legends. Just like the classic 1987 Topps sets of old, the cards feature a wood-like border, with the respective logo in the corner and the brands color on the name panel. "Rookies" get the classic trophy designation, while the NXT superstars get the classic Rainbow Future Stars banner. The back of the card give a brief history of the wrestler on the front and some basic info as well. The cards themselves are made of a nice thicker material as well.

I also got a couple card variations, all bronze. Those are a bit more common, as they are 1 every 2 packs. Other variants include Blue numbered to 99, Silver numbered to 25, Gold numbered to 10, and Red numbered to only 1. Silver, gold, and reds are limited to hobby boxes only however.

There are also three insert sets to collect, all based around SummerSlam, which just celebrated its 30th year. We have the Thirty years of SummerSlam set which feature classic matches from every show, Bizarre SummerSlam Matches looking at all the weird matches that have been held at the event, and SummerSlam All-Stars featuring some of the top performers that have worked the show in the past.

Topps 2017 WWE Heritage Cards 2

The only "hit" I got from this blaster is a John Cena Relic card. Since these blasters always come with one of these, I was just hoping to get one I would like, and accomplished that with Cena.

All in all, at $20 this was more than worth it. A good chunk of the base set is complete after only one blaster, plenty of different inserts, and a relic card. Best of all: I did not get a single double in the box. While some of my favorites were not inside (Alexa Bliss, Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks, etc.), I am sure if I pick up more they will be around.

If you want to give these a try, you can pick some up for yourself at a store now, or order some right here.



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