The Voodoo Child Himself Jimi Hendrix Gets A Sweet Looking New Funko Pop


Funko has released many rock star Pops over the years; from rap gods like Run DMC and Jam Master Jay, 2pac, and Flavor Flav to rock stars like The Beatles, Guns N Roses, The Ramones, there are all kinds of musician-related Funko to choose from. They even made a Psy! Remember that guy?!?! But the very first rock Pop was one called "Purple Haze" of guitar god Jimi Hendrix.

Now, he is getting an updated Pop, and it is way, way cool. The new Pop has Jimi in all of his Woodstock glory, guitar in hand and ready to melt your face off with amazing riffs. It is also really interesting to look at how far Funko has come with their ability to sculpt these things, especially in their faces. Colors pop more, and even the guitar has a cool amount of detail. But, that is also not the awesome Pop I alluded to in the headline. That would be the exclusive version coming only to FYE stores. This version is from the iconic moment Jimi lit his guitar on-fire right there on stage at the Monterey International Pop Music Festival in 1967. It was not the first time he had done it, but this one is the iconic one.

This is one of the cooler Pops ever done, and an iconic moment in rock music. This one is not going to last long at all on store shelves, so make sure you go to your local FYE and preorder, or do that online right here. The regular Jimi from Woodstock and FYE exclusive hit stores in June.


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