Rey Is Apparently Still Not In Monopoly, So Again…#WheresRey?

Rey not in Monopoly

Remember when The Force Awakens came out, and everyone saw it a bunch of times and liked it and you went to the store afterwards and wanted to buy a Rey figure for your kids and they were nowhere to be found? Sure you do. Remember the Twitter rage, #WheresRey? Of course you do. While I can say that in my area I didn't have a ton of issues getting my daughter whatever Rey collectible I wanted, many others were not so fortunate. One specific fan even wrote a letter to Star Wars license-holder and toymaker Hasbro asking why the character was not included in the newly released version of Star Wars Monopoly. Here was their response:

"We love the passion fans have for Rey, and are happy to announce that we will be making a running change to include her in the Monopoly: Star Wars game available later this year," Duffy told the AP in an emailed statement at the time. She added that fans who had already purchased the game "can obtain the Rey token by contacting Hasbro Consumer Care when the updated game becomes available later this year."

Well, problem solved then!

Not so much.

Now that eighteen months (Eighteen!) have passed, here in the US the game continues to be released, but without the "running change" promised by the company. Outside the US it is available it seems, but they have a curious reason for not selling the new versions of the board game here in the US, in a quote from Hasbro's spokeswoman Julie Duffy this week:

"In early 2016, Hasbro updated the 2015 Star Wars: Monopoly game to add a Rey token. This product was sold to retailers in several markets around the world, but is not available for sale in the U.S. due to insufficient interest"

Uhh, what? No interest? Rey is not only the focus of the new Saga films, including this December's The Last Jedi, but Hasbro's new Forces of Destiny toy line in support of the new animated shorts series of the same name. Not only is interest in Rey at an all-time high, but there is also still not too many places you can walk into and pick one up off the shelf. They tried to correct the problem with Jyn Erso from Rogue One, and they sold well, but if you want Jyn she is out there due to poor ordering from retailers. Rey never saw such a release. News flash to people out there: women like Star Wars, and not just Princess Leia. And yes, you can go through some hoops to get the game piece, but what would be the issue with doing what you said you would and just putting the piece into the game during production? Unless they mean insufficient interest in the game itself, that I can buy.

Rey is an important part of the Star Wars mythos. As someone who has a little girl that constantly runs around the living room pretending to be her on an almost daily basis, I can tell you that I am pretty sure the interest is there. We have played Star Wars Monopoly, and it would mean a ton to her to walk into a store and get one with a Rey token. Buying a toy off the shelf is a much better experience and more memorable than just mailing into somewhere because they couldn't be bothered to get the product they promised onto shelves. I know I would buy one.


First seen on The Chicago Tribune

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