Senator Rand Paul Endorses Kane For Mayor Of Knox County, Tennessee

WWE superstar Kane has received a big endorsement in his bid to become the mayor of Knox County, TN. According to a post on Kane's campaign Facebook page, he has been endorsed by libertarian Senator Rand Paul.

"I'm extremely proud to be endorsed by Senator Rand Paul, the most conservative Senator in the U.S. Congress," Kane wrote before posting a quote from Paul himself:

The battle for liberty happens at all levels, federal, state and local. My friend Glenn Jacobs not only made a name for himself in the world of WWE, but for years has labored as a community activist eager to bring more freedom and prosperity to as many people as possible. His small government and pro-liberty philosophy of government – on education, the economy, regulation, taxes and more – is exactly what we need more of in our politics. It's why I think Glenn would be an excellent choice for mayor of Knox County.

Paul forgot to mention the most important place where the battle for liberty happens: in the wrestling ring, during an inferno match.

Kane also posted a picture of himself with Rand Paul, in case anyone thought he was making this up (and seriously, it's difficult to believe any of this is real):


Yup, that's definitely Kane and Rand Paul. We wonder what happened after the picture was taken, though. After all, the last time Kane was that close to someone with that bad of a haircut…


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