Cody Rhodes Goes All In on Telling Off Star Wars Hater

The proliferation of Star Wars hate has gotten so bad, it's actually beginning to bleed into other fandoms. Take, for instance, pro wrestling, where superstar wrestler Cody Rhodes took to Twitter to declare that "Star Wars is fine," only to immediately have his opinion "corrected:"

But Rhodes wasn't having it, and quickly fired back:

It shouldn't, but it's a concept that seems to be taking root across a variety of fandoms, a microcosm, perhaps, of the rise of Trumpism itself. For Star Wars, complaints set in with the release of The Last Jedi, which portrayed Luke Skywalker as a flawed character, much to the chagrin of a vocal segment of hardcore "fans." Even still, the movie made over $2 billion at the box office. However, follow-up Solo: A Star Wars Story tanked at the box office, performing even more poorly than Justice League.

Making matters worse, the resentment has more often come to manifest in abusive behavior toward stars of the franchise, and most often women, as seen recently when trolls apparently drove Last Jedi star Kelly Marie Tran off social media. That situation prompted Last Jedi director Rian Johnson to take to Twitter to denounce harassment while reminding fans that the "VAST majority" of Star Wars fans don't engage in that kind of behavior.

Which prompted a similar exchange as the one Rhodes was involved in:

While Luke Skywalker himself also chimed in to back up Johnson's words about Star Wars fandom…

And to support his colleague:

Of course, going by past experience, this is highly unlikely to be the last we hear of this controversy.

Back to the story at hand, the fan responded to Rhodes once more…

Before Rhodes shut him down for good:

Well, that was a squash match. Hopefully Rhodes's bout against NWA Champion Nick Aldis at All In is a little more evenly matched.

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