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First Bishop Appearance In Uncanny X-Men #282, CGC 9.8 At Auction
Created by Whilce Portacio and John Byrne for Uncanny X-Men #282, published in 1991, Bishop was a time-travelling mutant from the future with a mission And while he has been portrayed as a black character, he was originally intended by Portacio to be Filipino in ethnic origin Well at the Supermanila comic book artist convention, Portacio stated that he was[...]
Lucas Bishop is Back From The Dystopian Future Thanks to Mezco Toyz
Lucas Bishop is back from the dystopian future as he joins his fellow mutants with the newest Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective release This legendary mutant is fitted with his own X-Men suit that is modified for his own personal arsenal He will come with not one but three different head sculpts, allowing collectors to display[...]
X-Men Characters That Would Benefit from MCU TV Series on Disney+
I would allow Simon Kinberg some creative input, but don't let him be the showrunner. Images courtesy of 20th Century Studios Cable/Bishop: Cable, played by Josh Brolin in 2018's Deadpool 2, and Bishop, played by Omar Sy in 2014's Days of Future Past, are characters based in the future in X-Men canon A limited series can benefit both[...]
King In Black Marauders #1 Review: Transcends The Tedious
Alongside "cop from the future" Bishop, reformed villain Pyro, her pet space dragon Lockheed and omega-level chill dude Iceman, she has been tasked with invading crossover-mired Manhattan and rescue mutant leaders Storm and Cyclops from the symbiote forces of the evil space god Knull. Along the way, something goes wrong, and they end up on a[...]
Iron Studios X-Men Bishop Statue
This time we are getting a blast front the 90s past and a dystopian future with Bishop It looks like the mutant policeman is back and has revealed through time to help the X-Men with their Sentinel problem This statue is perfectly sculpted and brings the character right out of Marvel Comics His costume is[...]
Super7 will put out a new wave of Aliens ReAction figures next Wednesday.
Ripley, Hicks, Hudson, Newt, Vasquez, and android Bishop will all be open on gorgeous vintage style packaging Bishop features pull apart battle damage, and Newt will even include her doll's head All of the other additional ReAction figures will consist of accessories as well Each features five points of articulation and will cost you $18[...]
The X-Men's Bishop Was Based On
Created by Whilce Portacio and John Byrne for Uncanny X-Men #282, published in 1991, Bishop was a time-travelling mutant from the future with a mission Yes, another one And while he has been portrayed as a black character, he was originally intended by Portacio to be Filipino in ethnic origin. Well at the Supermanila comic book[...]
Tonight There's Gonna Be a Jailbreak Somewhere in This Prisoner X #5 Preview
Our preview shows us the Danger Room prison in complete chaos, as Bishop, Beast, Honey Badger, Polaris, and Mirage run through an infinite hallway on a quest to find and stop Legion But Legion isn't going to go quietly… And our recently awakened X-Men will need to somehow make it through an army of Legion's Cobra[...]
William Gibson’s Alien III: The Path from Screenplay to Audio Play
There were rumors that Sigourney Weaver didn't want to return as Ripley, so Gibson had to write her out and shift the focus to Hicks and Bishop The plot continues the themes from Aliens involving corrupt corporations trying to harvest the aliens as weapons and deepens it into Cold War bioweapons arms race Of course,[...]
Marvel Future Fight Receives An Uncanny X-Men Update
The three new mutants joining the battle are Iceman (Modern), Jubilee (Classic), and Bishop (Disassembled), all with their own ways of adding to the battle and making things easier for you in a cluster of enemies Along with the updates we have for you below, the update comes with a brand-new stage to the Dimension Rift that features[...]
Bishop Was Originally Supposed to Sleep with Storm, Not Jean Grey, in Age of X-Man
It's a psychological thriller set in a prison and starring longtime fan-favorite X-Men character Bishop, written by Vita Ayala with art by German Peralta, and makes excellent use of the concept of an alternate reality "utopia" where X-Man has outlawed any personal connections, especially romantic and sexual relationships In Prisoner X, Bishop finds himself in[...]
'The Rookie': After Great Season 1, Why Won't ABC #RenewTheRookie?
The real strength of The Rookie is in its excellent, diverse, snarky supporting cast. (ABC/Eric McCandless) Afton Williamson is a break-out star as Nolan's training officer Talia Bishop She can slay Nolan's awkward attempts at humor with nothing but a look, and her unwillingness to sacrifice her integrity for her high ambitions shows a depth of character building[...]
The Rookie Season 1 Episode 18 - All Is Not Quiet On The "Homefront"
You have been served: Spoilers Ahead. (ABC/Tony Rivetti) A good portion of this episode centers on Nolan's (Nathan Fillion) Training Officer Talia Bishop (Afton Williamson) and her history as a foster kid When her former foster father is unexpectedly released from prison, Bishop worries that he will lead her foster brother Dylan (Caleb Castille) back into a[...]