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Superman: Action Comics #997 cover by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, and Andrew Dalhouse

Superman Action Comics #997 Review: Badly Padded and Noticeably Empty

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Superman and Booster Gold face Lor-Zod, the child of the infamous General Zod, and the Eradicator. They face him on the planet the villain calls New Krypton. Soon Zod and Ursa join the fight, and the fight appears hopeless for Superman and Booster. Back on Earth in our present, Lois Lane finally finds […]

Superman #40 cover by Viktor Bogdanovic and Mike Spicer

Superman #40 Review: History Repeats Itself in an Attempt to Stop History From Repeating Itself

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] It's the anniversary of Krypton's destruction, and Superman has brought his son, Jonathan aka Superboy, to the Fortress of Solitude to observe the occasion. While the two men of Krypton are there, the Fortress' computers detect another planet undergoing the same processes which Krypton experienced before its destruction. Superman goes to help, and […]

Action Comics #996 cover by Dan Jurgens, Trevor Scott, and Hi-Fi

Action Comics #996 Review: Decent Story Hampered by Major Art Shift

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Action Comics #996 finds Superman and Booster Gold at the mercy of an Eradicator drone once more. The two manage to dispatch the robot, and they find themselves in an unknown future on a world now called New Krypton (which is actually the same planet Jekuul from Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern […]

Action Comics #995 cover by Dan Jurgens, Trevor Scott, and Hi-Fi

Action Comics #995 Review: On the Issue of Fathers

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Superman and Booster Gold find themselves back on Earth in Action Comics #995. However, it's not the time period they intended, as Skeets reveals. They are in the 25th Century, the time period of Booster Gold's origin. Despite that, Booster and Superman's presence could still impact the time stream, so they must behave with […]

Action Comics #994 cover by Dan Jurgens, Trevor Scott, and Hi-Fi

Action Comics #994 Review: Booster and Superman's Plot Cul-de-Sac on Krypton

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Booster Gold and Superman are trapped in the past on Krypton shortly before the explosion. However, things are different. Krypton has a thriving space program, and Jor-El and Zod are close allies and friends. This goes against the history which Superman knows so well. What has happened to the timestream? Can Superman and […]

Batman #36 cover by Clay Mann and Jordie Bellaire

Part 2- The Death of the Batman-Hater: Batman #36 Review

Plus, they know what these guys need better than they do.It’s also hilarious how Catwoman already knew Clark Kent is Superman The already-famous elevator scene is fantastic too.[caption id="attachment_765901" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Batman #36 art by Clay Mann, Seth Mann, and Jordie Bellaire[/caption]Clay Mann’s artwork is absolutely superb to boot[...]

Batman #37 cover by Mikel Janin

Part 3: Josh Just Reviews Batman #37 Without Anymore Pretense

Where oh where can Bruce Wayne, Selena Kyle, Clark Kent, and Lois get their hands on costumes this time of night?[caption id="attachment_765909" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Batman #37 cover by Mikel Janin[/caption]Once more, check out Joe Glass’ fantastic review of Batman #37 too when you get the chance.Also, this follows up to the Batman-Hater reviews of Batman[...]

Action Comics #993 cover by Dan Jurgens, Trevor Scott, and Hi-Fi

Action Comics #993 Review: The Team-up I Asked For

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Superman has used the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill to return to the moment of Krypton's destruction. Mr. Oz claims to be Jor-El, Kal-El's deceased father, who got transported away from Krypton right before his death. Superman needs to know the truth. Upon his arrival, things start seeming wrong very quickly. Booster Gold arrives in […]

Henry Cavill

Superman Henry Cavill Wields A Chainsaw In Florida

are excited to see him out there helping people — or they may be sweating him hurting himself.Cavill rose to fame opposite of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in The Tudors before being cast as Clark Kent in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel He would reprise the role opposite Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne in Batman vs Superman: Dawn[...]


Superman #30 Review: Another Reason The Sinestro Comic Should Come Back

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Thal Sinestro is the greatest DC Comics villain. I want to make sure you all are aware of that. This issue of Superman finds the Man of Steel possessed by the Yellow Avatar Parallax and on the verge of snapping Sinestro's neck. The two are brought to Qward, a planet in the Antimatter […]

Tom Welling Talks Why Smallville Never Went Full Superman

 There was something special that happened with this CW series, after the ill fated single season of Birds Of Prey, and it helped keep the dream of seeing Superman on the screen alive.Actor Tom Welling, who played young Clark Kent during the 10 years of Smallville (which ran 2001-2011) recently admitted to Entertainment Weekly why we never saw[...]

Superman #28 Review: A Heartfelt Payment Of Respects

Clark Kent, Jon Kent, and Lois Lane are taking a family vacation to Washington for Independence Day (which is, coincidentally, the name of the story) They visit some monuments and significant sites, they witness some protests, and then they go down to Gettysburg There, they meet a family who is celebrating the birthday of a[...]

New Sky Trailer Shows Superman And Supergirl Teaming Up

Nothing like an aerial emergency to bring a family together.Tyler Hoechlin joins the series as Clark Kent / Superman. As we get closer to the October 10th debut of Supergirl season 2 now on the CW, the network has released this new trailer that shows Superman and his equally powered cousin teaming up for what looks[...]

Batman V Superman: The Dawn Of Puberty

With the meeting two of DC's biggest heroes having taken place on the big screen, David Mazouz told IGN that he'd like to see a teen version of Clark Kent appear on Gotham. I think it'd be really cool to have a young Clark Kent on the show To have a 15-year-old Clark Kent I know[...]

When Clark Kent And Steve Trevor Talk Wonder Woman

Today's Superman comic book bursts straight out of the recent Superman/Wonder Woman. Yes that one. A Superman healed by the gods but made fully mortal. A Superman who has told Wonder Woman that he no longer loves her and a Wonder Woman who doesn't exactly seem to be on the same page. With this scene […]

Today We Discover Why Lois Lane Did It (Superman #43 SPOILERS)

We learnt on Free Comic Book Day (okay, Bleeding Cool told you a little bit before that) that Lois Lane had outed Superman's secret identity to the world. And he wasn't happy. And while we have seen the impact of that across a number of Superman titles… …in the main Superman comic, we've still been living […]

And Finally… Clark Kent 'Identifies As Human'

In recent weeks, there has been a major scandal in the media, as respected journalist among the human community, Clark Kent, was outed by his own newspaper as actually being Kryptonian in genetic origin While he was brought up alongside humans, his own biological parents were 100% Kryptonian.When asked, Jor-El told this reporter that Clark[...]