Let's Take an Early Look at the Marvel Legends Defenders Rail Authority SDCC Exclusive Set

Marvel Legends collectors always look forward to SDCC every year. Not only for the new figures Hasbro puts in their display cases and reveal at their panel, but for the exclusives they bring to the show of course! This year there are two offerings for sale at their booth, and they were gracious enough to send us both of them to give you an early look. Let's take a look at the Defenders Rail Authority set!

I will be honest here: I did not and am not going to open this one. I also would argue that is okay in this instance. This one is meant to stay this way forever. Just look at this thing! This reminds me of The Raft set from a couple years back. The outside features a foil slipcover modeled after the outside of a New York City subway car. Graffiti and warning signs decorate the outside, along with references to The Hand. There are even silhouettes of our heroes fighting.

Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive Defenders Rail Authority Set 1

Then you take the slipcover off and you see why you won't want to open it. All five Marvel Legends figures are posed as if they were riding inside the subway car. It really is way better in person than any picture can do justice. I actually was down on the set before I got it in hand. Now I could not bring myself to open it. It shall be displayed in my collection as intended, with the awesome diorama packaging intact.

All of the little touches inside the subway car are awesome. Tons of little nods to the Netflix Universe in the MCU, including ads for the Red Dragon restaurant, Alias Investigations, Chikara Dojo, Trish Talk (I kinda wish there was a Patsy Walker figure in here, but oh well), and more. There is even debris strewn about the floor and such.

While I won't have loose figures, there is still things to be gained from looking at the Marvel Legends figures inside the package. Three of these have seen/will see release already. Daredevil has a new maskless Matt Murdock head, with a great likeness of Charlie Cox. Other than that it is the same figure. Ditto Jessica Jones, here without her jacket and such as the previously released figure. The other in the Luke Cage, who will come out soon in a two-pack with a Claire Temple figure. This version has a red shirt, that looks like the only difference. Colleen Wing and Danny Rand are new; Danny has a translucent Iron Fist hand, and Colleen is looking bad@$$ with her jumpsuit and sword.

Overall, for the $120 if you are not a fan of the show, I can understand passing on this. I can also understand if you get it opening it. But this time, I think we just give a tip of the cap to the Hasbro Marvel Legends team and their efforts to get us an awesome diorama piece for our collections.

If you are interested in this piece and you will NOT be at SDCC, fear not! You will have a shot at it at later cons this year, and also in August on Hasbro Toy Shop.

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