What Jack Kirby Means To A Comic Fan, Critic, And Aspiring Creator

On August 28th, 1917, Jacob Kurtzberg was born in Manhattan. He was born to a pair of Austrian Jewish immigrants. He took to drawing quickly, starting in comic strips in 1936, and, in 1940, he teamed up with Joe Simon to create Captain America and Bucky Barnes. It's weird to think that a man born […]

Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle #1 Review: Darkseid Is…What, Exactly?

So, the long-anticipated Tom King and Mitch Gerads Mister Miracle series is finally starting! #1 is finally out. Of course, how could I forget about this one? Everyone kept screaming its name at me every time I mentioned that, hey, DC doesn't use a large chunk of its character catalogue right now, as if this […]

Kirby: King Of Comics Now Available As A Way More Portable Paperback

Back in 2008, Kirby: King of Comics was released to much fanfare and it was warranted: featuring amazing presentation, old-school style paper stock, and all the Jack Kirby artwork your eyes could handle and presented in large format so you could enjoy all those Kirby dots for all-time. Now, as we celebrate Kirby's centennial, Abrams […]

Space Cabbie

Patton Oswalt Is Space Cabbie, The DCU Answer To Intergalactic Uber

This week's Justice League Action puts Space Cabbie in the spotlight as Superman has introduced a virus to the Mother Box's, shutting down all the Boom Tubes and making Darkseid have to hail a cab to meet with his underlings. Space Cabbie is voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt. The DC All Access video below shows […]

Fans Campaign For Google To Honour Jack Kirby

A fan campaign has started to try and see comics legend Jack Kirby honoured on the centenary of his birth with a Google Doodle for the day, this August 28th. Jack Kirby was of course instrumental in the creation of numerous Marvel characters, including Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor and the X-Men, who […]

Darkseid Finally Gets A Trailer For 'Injustice 2' And He Looks Confident

You knew it was going to happen sooner than later. Darkseid, the master villain of all villains finally got a proper trailer for Injustice 2. There's something to be said for a man who walks into a fight with his arms behind his back. There's no mistaking the confidence and sheer power that the New […]

Mance Rayder is Steppenwolf in Justice League

Sandwich themed Hollywood gossip blog The Wrap is reporting that Ciaran Hinds, known for playing King Beyond the Wall Mance Rayder in HBO's Game of Thrones, has been cast as Steppenwolf, the primary antagonist of Warner Bros' upcoming Justice League film. Fans wondering why the 1960s rock band famous for hits such as Born to Be Wild […]

That Which Might've Been – Mignola's Take On Kirby's Fourth World

Sometimes you find some VERY cool things on the internet. Erik Larsen posted a link on Facebook to an Imgur gallery that showed off images from another blog… which sounds pretty convoluted, but in the end we get these images of Mike Mignola's versions of Jack Kirby's New Gods. Now it's said that these images, […]

Going To MoCCA 2016 for Donald Trump And Darkseid

By Jason Borelli, on his way to MoCCA 2016 Before New York got the massive comic book convention it needed in New York Comic Con, there was the MoCCA Arts Festival. Originally established by the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art in 2002, the Fest became a must-see show for anybody who wanted to sample […]

Deleted Batman v Superman Scene Might Hint Of Things To Come

Potential spoilers if you haven't seen the film.   Warner Bros has just released this deleted scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The scene is Lex Luthor learning Kryptonian history while on board the ship seen in Man of Steel. There is also a group of soldiers moving through the ship and if […]

A Comic Show – Darkseid War Of The Gods And Men

Aaron Haaland writes, Hey Fandom, this week's A Comic Show starts with a storm warning for next Wednesday's hurricane of books! October 7th has Batman and Robin Eternal #1, Axcend #1, Paper Girls #1, Amazing Spider-man #1, Avengers #0, Doctor Strange #1, Invincible Iron Man #1, Secret Wars #6, Darth Vader and Star Wars #10 […]

The First Appearance Of Darkseid's Daughter (SPOILERS)

We thought that Free Comic Book Day would see the first appearance of Darkseid's daughter, the story that Geoff Johns has been telling since Justice League #1 in 2011. Indeed, we suggested as much. We were wrong. As we discovered when reading this week's issue of Justice League #40. With a final scene that leads […]

Who Is The Daughter Of Darkseid? And Who Is Her Mother? FCBD Spoilers

  The embargoes are off, the spoilers are out, the Free Comic Book Day news is circling the globe. But while we got an early start on the Batman and Superman aspects of the DC Comics Divergence issue, available at all participating comic stores on May 2nd for free, I was rather surprised that the […]

Jack Kirby's Darkseid Wants To Come To Your House

What may be one of Jack Kirby's greatest creations for DC Comics, Darkseid, is finally getting the royal treatment. Sideshow Collectibles is making a Premium Format Quarter Scale Figure of the Justice League's most malevolent villain. The figure stands over two feet tall on it's base and features two different facial expressions. Artists: Walter O'Neal […]

Earth 2 World's End, And Our Racial And Religious Stereotypes

There has been considerable concern expressed to me over the final page of last week's Earth 2: Worlds End weekly comic from DC Comics. It features the Sikh character Amir Khan (admittedly with a Muslim surname, but this is a parallel world), a taking off in a space ship with a bomb that's wired to explode intending […]

Now You Can Own A Mother Box, Just Like Darkseid

DC Collectibles has been making some pretty cool prop toys over the last few years. Now for fans of the New Gods and Darseid comes the latest prop, a replica of Mother Box. These transportation devices were created by Jack Kirby for his Fourth World universe. DC COMICS MOTHER BOX PROP REPLICA Now you can own […]

Booze Geek – D.O.R.I.S. The Destroyer Meets Thanos And Darkseid

By Dylan Gonzales Beer: D.O.R.I.S. the Destroyer Brewery: Hoppin' Frog Last night marked my first experience with the Hoppin' Frog Brewery and let me tell you, their D.O.R.I.S. the Destroyer?  It lives up to its name.  I was very…tired today. D.O.R.I.S. is black in color, with a slight tinge of brown to it.  It produced […]

DC Comics and Dwayne Johnson – Know Your Role

By Shaun Leonard Finally… The Rock has been cast as a superhero. Or perhaps he'll play his first silver screen villain (we'll debate The Mummy Returns in the comments I'm sure). This would be against Dwayne Johnson's usual type, but would surely fit his already meta-human physique. The social media superstar blew up Twitter on […]