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Emma Frost Has Her Own Weapons Of Mass Destruction in Marauders #10
Cue the White Queen, Emma Frost, leading Pyro on a merry dance as they board a Russian ship, as the Marauders they are She could have switched to Diamond form She could have fried their brains in their skulls But Emma Frost decides to skip all that, following the dictum Kill No Human, and undoes[...]
Giant Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 [Preview]
Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jonathan Hickman and Russell Dauterman, and with the book being both oversized and overpriced, we can probably expect a nice, meaty preview, right? Well, not exactly… Instead, we get just two pages, with not a lot happening. Well, something is[...]
Wednesday New Year's Day 2020
Marauders#5 sees Kate Pryde and Emma Frost, once the worst of frenemies, now the best of them, revisit old lives. And toast the new year in Krakoan Slàinte from Emma Frost…. …and 'gracias' from Kate Pryde Now that Emma has widened her language experiences I know that Krakoan is earning lots of money from all its medicines[...]
New Marvel Heroes Statues are Coming Soon from Diamond Select
Designed by Barry Bradfield, sculpted by Paul Harding. Our next Marvel statue was originally a GameStop exclusive but it seems they are now as Crystalized Emma Frost makes her appearance known This statue stands 12 inches high and features her classic look from the comics The crystal touch is nice with her statue and it makes[...]
X-Men #3 [Preview]
X-Men #3 is hitting stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu, and in the preview below, it looks like things are finally coming to a head between Jean Grey and Emma Frost after Cyclops spurned Emma in order to be in a three-way relationship with Wolverine, who has two dicks,[...]
The Truth About Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost
At least, that's what we thought, but on further examination and study, we believe we have decoded the deep symbology embedded in the Wolverine logo, proving that Jonathan Hickman is every bit the genius his fans claim he is, laying out the details of the relationship between Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost, and[...]
Jordan White Teases Russell Dauterman X-Men Project
Power mad Marvel Senior Editor Jordan White posted a Twitter thread listing X-Men comics in stores today, but what caught the attention of many in the replies was the image White used in his first tweet, featuring a small drawing of what appears to be Emma Frost as drawn by Russell Dauterman. Happy #NewComicBookDay, everyone! Two[...]
Scott and Emma, Together Again - Uncanny X-Men #21 Preview
Cyclops is reunited with Emma Frost at last! Of course, this may be somewhat of a bittersweet reunion, given everything that's transpired since Scott's death and resurrection First of all, there was the whole using Scott's legacy to engineer a war with the Inhumans that didn't end up going so well And then there's the[...]
Is Marvel Planning to Launch an Emma Frost Comic?
Emma Frost has been an important character in the X-Men Universe for decades, but other than the X-Men: Black one-shot from last year, it's been a while since she's been the center of her own series Frost was the topic of today's X-Men Monday column at Adventures in Poor Taste, and while she did apparently[...]
How Dare You, Ed Brisson? [X-ual Healing 10-31-18]
On the bright side, we did appreciate the cover homage. $2500, huh? Well, a single issue will probably cost that much within the next decade, the way things are going. Let's get on with the rest of the column… Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that Fox owned their movie rights, The[...]
Marvel Wants You… to Make Emma Frost Memes for #XMenMonday
White (@cracksh0t) October 29, 2018 Finally, because I know you're all so excited for X-MEN BLACK: EMMA FROST this week, here's the @SalvadorLarroca Mugshot variant, so you can have Emma holding up signs #XMenMonday pic.twitter.com/NndL2QbRlk — Jordan D White (@cracksh0t) October 29, 2018 As you can see, White also invited X-Men fans to celebrate X-Men Monday by creating[...]
Now the X-Men Come to Walmart in X-Men Black: Emma Frost Preview
In next week's X-Men Black: Emma Frost, when the White Queen requests a meeting with the X-Men to discuss taking down the Hellfire Club, Rogue asks her to meet them for a live appearance in the comic book industry's favorite retail location. There's no evidence that any of the X-Men, even with all their mutant powers,[...]