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Emma Roberts Returns to Horror in Abandoned by Vertical Entertainment
When it comes to horror, from the 2010s to the present day, Emma Roberts has become a mainstream name for the genre (from several seasons of American Horror Story to Scream 4 to The Blackcoat's Daughter), hitting all the major sub-genre stories possible Now, the beloved actor is pairing up with 10 Cloverfield Lane star John Gallagher[...]
Emma Roberts Returns to Horror in Abandoned by Vertical Entertainment
Horror genre vet and timeless scream queen Emma Roberts is now adding yet another project to her repertoire, titled Abandoned by Vertical Entertainment. Abandoned | Vertical Ent. After perfectly displaying a few necessary psychotic tendencies in the slasher hit Scream 4, an unforgiving wit in the cult-classic series Scream Queens/American Horror Story, or even her underrated performance in[...]
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AHS and Scream Queens star Emma Roberts is also expected to be joining the ensemble The pop culture and media news/rumor site is quoting "production sources" and while some may still roll their eyes when they see TMZ as a source- from a television front? They've been ahead of the game on a number of[...]
First Kill is coming to Netflix as a live-action series (Image: Netflix)
American Horror Story star and veteran "Murphy-verse" member Emma Roberts (Scream Queens) is getting set to add her own stab at horror as executive producer of the YA vampire series First Kill Based on the short story from award-winning New York Times best-selling author Victoria "V E." Schwab, the series adaptation has received a green[...]
A look at American Horror Story Apocalypse (Image: FX Networks)
Plus, there's always Murphy, the cast, and the creative team's social media accounts to keep things lively and informed. A look at American Horror Story Apocalypse (Image: FX Networks) For example, Murphy's recent Instagram post throws down an interesting "classroom seating" dilemma involving a number of AHS characters and where you would choose to sit if you[...]