episode 11

mr. robot

"Mr. Robot" Preps Big "eXit" in Disturbing, Trippy Fashion [SPOILER REVIEW]

Hello again, friends. We're getting dangerously close to the end – and I mean the end end – of USA Network's star-studded dark darling Mr. Robot, but before Sunday's finale, there's still this past week's episode to cover. This was the last regular episode of Mr. Robot, because the finale is a two – that's […]


"Siren" Season 2 "Mixed Signals" / "Serenity": Ryn's Going Home [PREVIEW]

One thing you can definitely never accuse Eric Wald and Dean White's Siren of – especially this season: going small. The second-half of the Freeform series' second season has been concentrating on Ryn (Eline Powell), Ben (Alex Roe), and Maddie's (Fola Evans-Akingbola) attempts to silence the impact of Ryn's "siren song" before anyone else gets "infected" – or […]

The Walking Dead's Samantha Morton Talks Alpha's Motivations, Cutting Her Hair, and More

Through Lydia's (Cassady McClincy) myriad of mangled memories–reinforced over the years through mental and physical abuse–viewers of AMC's The Walking Dead "Omega" witnessed firsthand Alpha's (Samantha Morton) disturbing origins, as well as the birth of the Whisperers. By the end of the episode, it was the viewers and our Hilltop heroes who finally got to […]

'Arrow' Recap: "Past Sins" Could Prove Fatal for Oliver [SPOILERS]

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's recap of the seventh season of the The CW's Arrow, continuing with this week's episode "Past Sins." Arrow s07e11 'Past Sins': The past comes back to haunt both Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Curtis (Echo Kellum) is upset when he discovers that Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) […]

'Supergirl' Recap "Blood Memory": Dreams, Drugs, and Damages [SPOILERS]

This week's episode of the CW's Supergirl was a truly meaningful one, especially for those who have wanted to learn more about Nia Nadal's Dreamer–and even more for those who care for Nia both as character she is and for the transgender actress who plays her, Nicole Maines. Her social media interactions with viewers are a […]

'Supernatural' Review – "Damaged Goods" Ripe with Winchester Intrigue [SPOILERS]

The CW's Supernatural is definitely setting us up for an overload of feels in the 300th episode, with each week delivering classic Winchester dilemmas and heartwarming family moments. In "Damaged Goods," we see Dean (Jensen Ackles) face another seemingly impossible situation that requires sacrifice – once again.   This whole episode had me on edge. […]

'Charmed' Preview: Maggie's Need to Be "Witch Perfect" Could Prove Fatal [VIDEO]

After last week's episode of the CW's Charmed found her spending some "quality time" in Tartarus and then becoming addicted to powers-disrupting numbness used to deal with the pain of being betrayed by Parker (Nick Hargrove), it appears Maggie's (Sarah Jeffery) going to take to a little song to get her mind off her troubles. What […]