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Grand Theft Auto Online is Buffing Gunrunning This Week

This week, Rockstar Games will be buffing Gunrunning Missions, VIP/CEO Work and Challenges, Weaponized Vehicle Missions, and even some Stunt Races with double GTA$ and RP rewards. This week's sales and rewards will be valid until October 22nd. For the VIP/CEO Work and Challenges, both the Executive Search and Piracy Prevention modes will score double […]

Federal Judge Blocks Player from Cheating at Grand Theft Auto Online

You know what's worse than getting the banhammer from an admin in Grand Theft Auto Online? Getting a real one from a federal judge over the same ordeal. Take-Two Interactive filed a suit against a player named David Zipperer, accusing him of cheating by selling and using programs like Menyoo and Absolute for the sole purpose of griefing […]

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GTA Online Celebrates Independence Day with Oodles of Explosions

Tomorrow is July 4th (America's Independence Day), and no game is going to celebrate as hard as Grand Theft Auto Online, which is selling tons of fireworks, firework launchers, patriotic face paint, clothing, and muskets at 40% off through July 9th. Nothing is more American than setting stuff on fire and drinking your bodyweight in beer […]

7 New Tracks and Weeny Issi Classic Races Roll Out in GTA Online This Week

Rockstar Games is updating GTA Online this week with seven all-new tracks specifically designed for the nimble Weeny Issi Classic. The new tracks were released alongside new double GTA$ & RP rewards, which were extended to a host of Heists and Lamar Contact Missions. And if that wasn't ebough, a range of land, sea, and air Vehicles […]

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Rumor: GTA Online Teasing New Radio Stations Coming Summer 2018

Rockster Games seems to be teasing new music coming to GTA Online with posts on social media that seems to be promotional art for a concert held in the town of Los Santos. Additionally, there's even more promo art on Rockstar's official website. The fictional lineup includes four electronic artists: Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and […]

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Double GTA Bucks and Tons of Sales in GTA Online this Weekend

Since it's Memorial Day weekend, that means sales are inbound. Not to be outdone, Rockstar Games is giving player discounts and Double GTA$ & RP in GTA Online during the weekend. As for those sales, players can take advantage of discounts on popular vehicles including the Ruiner 2000 the Pfister Comet SR, the TM-02 Khanjali tank. To earn Double GTA$ and RP, […]

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Grand Theft Auto V Nears 100 Million Copies Sold

Take-Two Interactive has announced that Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V is nearing close to 100 million copies sold in a recent earnings call. Grand Theft Auto V is not like a lot out there. The game is one of, possibly even the most successful entertainment property ever depending on what metric you use. It's truly […]

Rockstar Removes Several Tracks from Grand Theft Auto IV via Licensing

This week, Rockstar Games removed a good chunk of the music from their 2008 game Grand Theft Auto IV, primarily because the game was only allowed a ten-year licensing agreement on this music and now it has to go before they're forced to pay royalties. We have the complete list for you below, and if […]

The Vespucci Job and Three New Vehicles Added to GTA Online

Rockstar Games has released the latest mode for Grand Theft Auto Online, the online component of Grand Theft Auto V, which allows players to hop in the new Weeny Issi Classic car in The Vespucci Job. The new patch also drops in two other cars, a new set of time trials, and even more discounts. The Vespucci […]

Dead Static Drive Fulfills its Promise to be Grand Theft Cthulhu on Route 66

There are many things about Michael Blackney's project Dead Static Drive that speak to me on a deeply aesthetic level, but it's key hook is that the game is 'Grand Theft Cthulhu on Route 66' and there are very few things that can top that. I mean really, Blackney got me at "Grand Theft Cthulhu" without ever […]

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is Now the Best Selling Entertainment Title Ever

Analysts are claiming that Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most profitable entertainment property ever. Grand Theft Auto 5 is unlike anything else out there. If you keep up with charts for video games, you will know, even four and half years since it's launch, it still floats around the top of charts week in […]

GTA Online Target Assault Races

GTA Online Adds Target Assault Races and Vapid Caracara in Latest Patch

The Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series continues with a brand-new Target Assault mode, now available to play in GTA Online. The new race mode requires racers and gunners to team up and test their skills in a race that pits speed against precision in a fight for first place. Teams of two strap into a […]

grand theft auto V GTA

Grand Theft Auto V Sold Another Million Copies Last Year in the UK Alone

Grand Theft Auto V continues to be a juggernaut in the charts, selling another million copies in the UK alone last year. I remember when Grand Theft Auto V came out. It became the fastest-grossing entertainment property ever, garnering $1 billion in just three days. There just aren't a lot of phenomenon like it in […]

Tax Rebate Season has Come to Grand Theft Auto Online

If you aren't going to be getting major savings this tax season, at least Rockstar Games wants to show you some love with a GTA Online tax refund. Starting today, players can ring in tax season in style with a $250,000 in-game refund for simply logging into GTA Online at any point from Feb 16th […]

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Grand Theft Auto Online Broke its Player Record in December

Rockstar Games has officially declared that Grand Theft Auto Online has broken its player record, four years after the release of the game. According to Rockstar's blog, December 2017 saw more players in GTA Online than ever before, although an official player count has not been released. Back in November, it was announced that GTA V had sold-in 85 […]

Grand Theft Auto Online Adds Overflod Autarch and a New Slashers Adversary Mode

The latest update to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto Online adds a new vehicle, Adversary Mode, unlocks and extended snowfall across San Andreas. Because snow is pretty much synonymous with the Holiday season and I want to feel festive when committing virtual felonies. The new in-game vehicle is the Overflod Autarch, which bills itself as "not a hypercar" […]