GI Joe HISS Tank HasLab Funded, Two New Tiers Revealed

GI Joe fans en masse responded with overwhelming praise for the launch of the HasLabk HISS Tank revealed on Wednesday. The tank became the fastest HasLab launched to reach funding, as the 8,000 piece threshold was met with ease. In fact, almost right before fans pushed it across the 10,000 first-tier unlock number, the side-mounted missile racks were unlocked with ease. The second tier, a more classic-looking canopy and tread covers, will be unlocked at 12,000, and while many are voicing displeasure with this tier, as of this writing, it only sits less than 600 from unlocking. Check out the two new tiers below.

GI Joe HISS Tank Backers May Have Already Unlocked Tier 3

"The Double Diablo Cannon accessories on your standard H.I.S.S. are indeed formidable, but Destro and Sssscrap Iron have been cooking up some potential upgrades. If the H.I.S.S. project reaches 10,000 backers before the campaign ends, you unlock CLASSIFIED UPGRADE #1 – two removable, side-mounted missile racks which telescope out from the H.I.S.S. vehicle. Each rack holds 6 MALHISS missile accesssssories! The Weapons Accessory Pack Upgrade is a perfect addition to your H.I.S.S. fleet and is sure to wreak havoc with the forcessss of G.I. Joe. But keep those orders coming, my friendssss, and we'll see what else Cobra Commander can unearth for you."

"If the G.I. Joe Classified H.I.S.S. project reaches 12,000 backers before the campaign ends, you will unlock the Classified Upgrade #2 – the Retro Pack! To display your H.I.S.S. closer to the classssssic 80s vehicle design, you'll get a swappable, single-piece canopy with a rear hinge that attaches to the cockpit, as well as removable retro armor-plating skirts inspired by the original 788 toy to go over your treadssss!
I have more in sssstore for you, so long as you KEEP BACKING!"
You can back the HasLab GI Joe Cobra HISS Tank right here.

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