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The Young Justice Phantoms logo. Credit: DC/Warner Bros.
WarnerMedia's DC FanDome brought news that (now) HBO Max's Young Justice would be titled Young Justice: Phantoms for the fourth season- along with logo key art, an update on production, and even a table read for a special "minisode" to help bridge the storylines between seasons But that was September 2020- so where do things[...]
8 New High Quality Images from The Suicide Squad
That's where we were offered a brief update on how things were going with HBO Max's John Cena-starring The Suicide Squad spinoff series Peacemaker Asked how filming was going, Gunn revealed that the first cut of Episode 1 was "just finished" and that he's loving what he's seeing In fact, he ended his response in[...]
8 New High Quality Images from The Suicide Squad
Even with a ton of well-deserved attention being focused on his August-premiering The Suicide Squad, writer and director James Gunn doesn't have much (or any) time to rest- not when he's still working on his and HBO Max's spinoff series Peacemaker with John Cena returning to his "Suicide Squad" role But because the two worlds have[...]
Now do you see just how off-the-rails things can get when our updates on HBO Max's third season of Titans come from anyone other than DoP Boris Mojsovski? The last time we checked in, he was teasing a look at the show's "superhero second team" and keeping the production timeline rolling along Then the next[...]
house of the dragon
Frankel joins previously-announced cast members Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One, Sound of Metal), Emma D'Arcy (Truth Seekers), Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill), Steve Toussaint (It's A Sin), Eve Best (Hedda Gabler), Sonoya Mizuno (Devs), and Paddy Considine (The Outsider, The Third Day). Image: BBC Speaking of HBO's upcoming House of the Dragon, check out the[...]
So if there's one thing we can say about covering production on the third season of HBO Max's Titans, it's definitely not been boring One day, DoP Boris Mojsovski is offering looks at location scouting, shot set-up, and cast members on set, while updating the episode filming timeline Then the next thing we know, Jay[...]
Brave And The Bold #72 Featuring Wild Flash/Spectre Cover On Auction
Credit ComicConnect Brave and the Bold Would Make A Cool TV Show "The Spectre must stop the ghost of a fallen World War I ace from taking revenge on his old squadron members, even though his opponent has turned the Flash into a ghostly being and bent him to his will." Brave and the Bold is full[...]
14 New Images from Dune Show Off a Beautiful World
Frank Herbert's 1965 novel Dune is one of those titles, and in 2003 the book was even dubbed as the best-selling science fiction novel of all time. When you hit that level of hype, there's always going to be new adaptations, imaginative interpretations, and a desire to maintain its legacy — something that Dune is aiming[...]
So we're going to call this the official confirmation of the unofficial confirmation of the heavily rumored report that HBO Max's upcoming Friends reunion special finally filmed in Los Angeles last week Previously, there were rumors that last week was the window they were looking at to film the oft-delayed special, and then we heard[...]
the nevers
Anna Devlin (All the Money in the World) is Primrose Chattoway who, at ten feet tall and a dreamy demeanor, wishes to be an ordinary girl not taking up too much space. The Nevers – Image: HBO Kiran Sonia Sawar (HBO Max's Pure) is Harriet Kaur, a young Scottish Sikh and aspiring lawyer, determined to live her[...]
When it comes to the production of the third season of HBO Max's Titans, we've been enjoying the best of both worlds For the former, we've had DoP Boris Mojsovski guiding us through production with looks at location scouting, shot set-up, cast members on set, and the episode filming timeline With the latter, we have a[...]
Turns out Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer (and we're assuming series creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman) really did end up being there for you Friends fans out there wondering if this past week would be the week to record the HBO Max reunion special The person[...]
Ghosts: Star Lawrence Rickard Declares Series 3 Has Been Shot
The original BBC version of Ghosts is currently streaming in the US on HBO Max. Lawrence Rickard, the co-creator, co-writer, and one of the stars of the hit BBC sitcom Ghosts, announced on Wednesday that the third series of the show has just finished production "And with that, it was done A wrap on Ghosts[...]
So the last time we checked in with Titans DoP Boris Mojsovski, we were serenading his return to posting production updates on the HBO Max series' upcoming third season to the tune of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll." That's when we learned that Mojsovski and director Larnell Stovall were working on the next two episodes and[...]
Game of Thrones: HBO Marks 10 Years with Month-Long Iron Anniversary
and distribution across 207 territories around the world, according to the WarnerMedia press release. Image courtesy of WarnerMedia HBO Max opened a Game of Thrones Spotlight Page, an app experience with curations for every level of fandom of the series based on the George R R Martin's "A Song of Fire and Ice" novels, from a broad[...]