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Peacemaker Official Trailer: He's a Grower & Not a Shower, People
Even with the countdown down to a week and the streaming service rolling out a series of featurette videos introducing the show's main players, HBO Max's Peacemaker series creator James Gunn still isn't done working on the project and answering fans questions One of the biggest questions he's been getting is when "The Suicide Squad"[...]
Reports surfaced earlier today from several sources that footage of Chris Noth's character reuniting with Parker's Carrie Bradshaw in a fantasy sequence during the HBO Max sequel series' season finale has been removed The move comes after the actor was accused by several women of sexual assault, with Parker, Nixon, and Davis issuing a statement[...]
We're actually down to only eight days until HBO Max and series creator James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" spinoff Peacemaker hits our screens With early reviews already buzzing strong for the John Cena-starrer, the streaming service continues introducing viewers to the members of "Project: Butterfly." Yesterday, Cena's Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker kicked things off (appropriately[...]
So after getting an official red band trailer for HBO Max's Peacemaker right after 2021 turned into 2022 on the east coast, and a rundown of who's who on Project: Butterfly on Monday, things are about to get much more intimate & personal No, we're not hinting at anything creepy so go clean out your[...]
Peacemaker Official Trailer: He's a Grower & Not a Shower, People
James Gunn and John Cena did not disappoint on New Year's Day, unleashing a red band trailer for HBO Max's Cena-starring "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series Peacemaker only twelve days until its January 13 premiere From Eagly enjoying Economos's (Steve Agee) butt a bit too much to accusations of Wonder woman "eye-f'ing" our main him[...]
Station Eleven is a Poignant Post-Apocalyptic Peter Pan Story
Station Eleven, HBO Max's prestige post-apocalyptic miniseries, is one of the best shows on TV right now It might be overlooked by people who don't want to sit through another story about a pandemic that wipes out most of humanity and the world that pops up afterward It's much richer than the usual post-apocalypses It[...]
Like when they promised that a new trailer for HBO Max's Cena-starring "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series Peacemaker would premiere on New Year's Day (ahead of its January 13 premiere) Well, when midnight hit here on the east coast, that's exactly what we got- and that's exactly what's waiting for you below Our two biggest[...]
Peacemaker Official Trailer: He's a Grower & Not a Shower, People
That's when a new (final?) trailer for Peacemaker is set to debut, less than two weeks before "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series hits HBO Max But that doesn't mean we don't have an update or two for you today, all courtesy of Gunn But before we get to the behind-the-scenes look that he shared, the[...]
Beanie Mania On HBO Max Is A Fascinating Look At Beanie Babies Boom
Beanie Mania is a new documentary on HBO Max about the boom of Beanie Babies from the mid to late '90s And it is fascinating, not just as a look at that particular item, but about collecting in general Who knew that this whole craze started on a small cul-de-sac in Naperville, 35 miles outside[...]
After the release of a new preview and a look at Nhut Le's Judomaster earlier this week, we were wondering if James Gunn had more planned for this week when it came to his upcoming HBO Max series Peacemaker Well, thankfully our instincts proved correct as we learned on Thursday that New Year's Day will[...]
House of the Dragon (Image: HBO/WarnerMedia)
I do not think you will be disappointed. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max ( HBO's "Game of Thrones" prequel House of the Dragon also stars Emma D'Arcy (Truth Seekers), Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One, Sound of Metal), Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill),[...]
Check Out These 3 High-Quality Images From The Batman
WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar was recently on Vox's Recode podcast (via and reconfirmed the exact date that The Batman will be appearing on HBO Max. "Think about when movies would show up on HBO, which is eight to nine months after theatrical premiere The Batman is going to show up on day 46 on HBO Max,"[...]
Peacemaker Official Trailer: He's a Grower & Not a Shower, People
HBO Max's Peacemaker series creator James Gunn wasn't messing around when he said there would be more previews and teasers for the upcoming John Cena-starring "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series On Tuesday, that promise continued being kept with a look at our main man meeting his new team But before you see if your instincts[...]
rick and morty
So keep both of those things in mind when you check out HBO Max's look at some of the more venomous putdowns from Rick Sanchez during his run on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Emmy-winning Adult Swim series Rick and Morty Though if we're being honest, you could just post the entire episode S03E04 "Vindicators[...]
Peacemaker Official Trailer: He's a Grower & Not a Shower, People
Our update on James Gunn & HBO Max's John Cena-starring "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series Peacemaker is brought to you today by the words "impatient" and "impressed." First up, we didn't realize how much we've been looking forward to seeing the series until our impatience kicked in after watching The Suicide Squad again As for[...]