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Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee have added a new five page sequel to the upcoming Batman: Hush 20th Anniversary Edition Twenty years after Jim Lee jumped to DC Comics to draw a Batman twelve issue story that has stood the test of time as a perennial seller for DC, we now get to see what[...]
First Appearance of Hush at Auction Ahead of Next Batman Movie
Batman #609 by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee and Scott Williams is not the first chapter of their legendary Batman collaboration, Hush, it is the second However, for collectors it can be just as notable, as it features the first appearance of Tommy Elliot, better known as Hush As well as a cover with Batman, Poison Ivy[...]
Flavourworks Debuts New Touch Experience Game "Hush"
Flavourworks has released a new trailer announcing a brand new touch experience game they have on the way simply called Hush The studio was responsible for the game Erica that was released last year, which received some awesome praise for the cinematography and storytelling that was presented in the mystery title One of the highlights[...]
Batman Meets Hush In Issue #608, On Auction At ComicConnect
Sure, he was late as usual, but I, for one, thought the story, Hush, was worth it Not only did we get appearances from every major Bat-villain, but Hush himself was an awesome foe for Bats, though I would agree with those that think the finale was disappointing Still, before that, it was a hell[...]
Tommy Elliot aka Hush (Gabriel Mann, and now Warren Christie) is rocking his new "Bruce Wayne" look to full effect, with Mary (Nicole Kang) and Luke (Camrus Johnson) looking genuinely concerned (and with good reason) We saw Sophie (Meagan Tandy) reading some heartbreaking news, while it appears Jacob (Dougray Scott) has a change of heart[...]
Our biggest takeaways? A look at Wilder's life inside of her van, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) staring down the end of a barrel and not looking too confident that she's walking away from this one, Tommy Elliot aka Hush (Gabriel Mann, and now Warren Christie) rocking the new "Bruce Wayne" look to full effect, Mary (Nicole[...]
Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder aka Batwoman (Image WBTV).
And this brings us to: Batwoman — A Secret Kept From All The Rest — Image Number: BWN119a_0517r — Pictured: Gabriel Mann as Hush — Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC All rights reserved. 3 Make Hush the Main Villain of "Batwoman" Season 2 The end of Season 2 teased that Tommy Elliot[...]
Batman Hush Gets Their Villain With New MAFEX Figure
Batman Hush is a fan favorite DC Comic story arc It throws Batman into his own gauntlet as he takes on a new threat Some other highlights included a brain washed Superman and the relationship growth with Catwoman With this, Medicom has announced the newest figure in their Batman Hush line with Hush himself While[...]